Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tree House

Syd and Balen having fun
The big boys decided to smile
They love the slide it is straight up and you go fast
My nephew Devin love this photo
The older boys not wanting to smile

Jon is building a tree house for Zack and Syd. He is almost finished. It was not a easy task. The middle section the big ladder was extremely hard because of the dowel rods that have to go through two sections of wood and then connect to other sections (see photo). When it is finished my plans are for
1. punching bag
2. cow bell
3. basketball goal
4. flag pole
5. tire swing
6. sand box
7. steering wheel
8. pail to pull up to top of tree house
9. mailbox
Can't wait. I told Zack it would be a boys club house and
when he got older we would turn it into a girls play house.
When Tanner was little we read a book series called "The Magic Tree house" it is a great series for beginner readers 1st and up. The series is about a librarian who left books in a tree house. A brother and sister went to the house and read books. When they opened the books they traveled to the place in the book.
Tanner said mom let's not take books up there we will be in trouble. I started laughing but was proud that he had a memory of the stories we read.

I will share photos of the finished house soon.

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