Sunday, November 30, 2008


This was a view finder and of course Syd is taking photos with it.
Look how precious, Tanner, Max and Zack.

Look at Max with Papaw's hat. Zack and Syd have all done this photo. Life is good.

Look at these two beautiful girls. Sandy and Syd.

LOVE, LOVE, this photo A photo of everyone. We will do one more of these soon. Sandy and Brent will be getting a beautiful baby girl anytime. Thank you Jesus for my families. Families are so special and as we get older we realize so much. Age does make us wiser. We never realize that when we are young. Now I no why mom and dad were so smart.

All of these photos were taken at Jon's parents house. We got a family photo of everyone how amazing. I already had a 8 X 10 printed to frame. However, I did not take any photos at mom's or at my house family party. I hate that. I was so busy I forgot to take photos. Oh well, Maybe next time. Teresa

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tanner's Basketball Photo

2008/2009 Freshman

Commodore Dinner

Tanner looks sharp. Can you tell he did not want his photo taken oh well.
Group photo in the front roll Tanner second from left.

This is an annual event for Perry County Central Basketball team. Last year Jon and I attended. This year Tanner is a freshman he is on the basketball team and they are servers at the dinner. The tickets cost $50.00 for two a salad, steak dinner, and dessert. The boys were responsible for a roll of tables. They brought the food to the people, their drinks. Tanner did a great job. I watched him he would go and ask if they needed anything else or more drinks. I worked the dessert table. After the dinner your ticket goes into a raffle all 300 numbers are put on a board to show you that your number is in. Next they pull all numbers off the board and put in a turning barrel. One by one until 256 are pulled and placed on the board. After that the last five numbers get to vote to split the money or one person gets $5,000.00 Everyone split the money and GUESS WHAT I was one of them. I WON $1,000.00 Jon had gave up and went home before he left he said if we win you can have all the money. Tanner went up on stage and claimed the money. Oh exciting was that? I am going Christmas shopping with that money. Merry Christmas.

Christmas Craft Sale Hazard Community College

Hair bows Medium $4.00 each or 10 for $35.00 Small ones $3.00 each or 10 for $25.00
Tag Blankets $5.00 each, baby shoes $5.00 each.
Personalize Signs $5.00 each
Notice the sample Mrs. Miller you can put a teacher name, workplace name, or family names
Crayon Aprons Hanging $15.00 each. Bottle cap necklaces

Crayon Aprons $15.00, Next T-shirt Dress $20.00, 3-Piece out fits $35.00
Christmas Hair bows
Baby Doll and Barbie Doll Sleeping Bags $5.00 each
Hannah Montana Hair bow Holders $15.00
All the others are $6.00

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Zack's Wrestling Match

He told me that the pillows were so he could have a seat. If you look closely you will see the video tapes and also my photo albums.

Zack is loving his wrestling action figures. In our family room I let him do what he wants. He came down and ask if we had any VHS or DVDs he could use. I didn't understand what he wanted with them. I said go to Syd's room and get hers. That evening I went up stairs and was oh so surprised at what I seen. He had made the biggest area with his wrestling stuff. It was so creative. I was proud of him. I love when children use their imagination and play. He is creative. He gets on you tube and watches videos that others have created using wrestlers. Look back at my blog and you will see something we made for wrestlers.

Sydney's Tea Party

Tea Party Guest
Tanner's friend Bozie went to the tea party.

We got this tea set at Disney Store this summer when we went to Sandy's house for $5.00

Love this photo. Look at Syd she was so happy.

I cleaned Syd's room up to clean out a spot for her Christmas tree. Jon and Tanner also moved her furniture around to prepare to put her TV on her dresser to get rid of a TV stand for more floor space. It is hard when y0u have so many toys for your room to look neat. I took out three bags of toys. I also removed her dress up clothes to the closet. She doesn't really play with them. I do love her room. It is so much fun to me to go into her room and play. It makes me feel like a little girl again. I always wanted my mother to play with me so I make time to play with Syd. She is starting to play more with her baby dolls, doll house and kitchen. Her favorite thing to do is get a purse, shopping cart, back pack and fill up with stuff. In her window seat in the pink baskets and I also have containers hidden behind them with toys. Let's see I have each one of them a different set. They are Dora, Polly Pockets, Leap Pad, Touch Pad, Story Reader, Purses, Baby Doll items, Mr. Potato Head, My Little Ponies, Junk Basket, and Snap and Style Dolls.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Zack's 9th Birthday!

Zack celebrated his birthday on November 7th. This year Zack didn't want to have a party. I asked if we could have a small one at home. He agreed, so mom made hot dogs and Jon went and picked up an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. His best friend Tyler came and his cousin Devin. His birthday gifts were money and wrestling. He is having so much fun with wrestling. He watches it on you tube, he got the game Smack Down vs. Raw 2009, and two new rings, and money. Happy Birthday Zack! When we were having his party and singing happy birthday he said mom don't put these photos on your blog. My kids know me so well. I am sorry Zack but your Aunt Sandy, Uncle Brent, Uncle Greg and Aunt Emily has to see your birthday party photos.

Hannah Montana Hairbow Holder $15.00

This is something new that I have made. Hannah Montana is popular with girls and if you know of someone who has their room decorated with this theme this would be good for them to organize their hair bows. It comes with three long ribbons that would hold their entire collection.
The cost is $15.00 Email if you are interested

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Max turns one year old.

Greg, Emily and Max's town house.

Cute photo of Syd.

Zack is such a funny man. I loved this photo.

This is a great photo. I love the natural lighting.

How cute is this one?

Jon and Max. He loved this red balloon and actually took three steps for Jon and Greg.

Lelia and her boys.

Zack and Max don't Max look like Zack.

Granny Lelia and her baby boy Max.

I had Lelia to take a photo of Jon and I.