Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentine Cutie!!!

Mom finished Syd's Valentine outfit last night. How cute is this!!! I love it. It is my favorite of all the outfits mom has made for Syd. We went to Sunday School and church, then we went to 14th region cheerleading competition in Breathitt County. She had so many compliments I was smiling ear to ear. I wanted to go hand out business cards as everyone was talking about how cute she looked. We had a great time watching the cheerleaders.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Decorating for Valentines

I cleaned off the dining room table and put a Valentine tablecloth on the table. I also went into the laundry room and found my Valentine storage bin and looked for something to put in vases. I bought these last year at a yard sale. Since I had two vases Syd decorated one and I did the other. We started out by putting some red shredded paper in the bottom. Next, I found some Sponge Bob Valentines. I had bought two sets of hearts on sticks we put those in the vase. Then I found a package of heart necklaces so we divided those up between the two vases. Last I found some heart garland and we wrapped that around the bottom of the vases. I then put Syd's felt donuts in the middle on a heart plate ( I bought this last year and the table cloth shown at Target last year.) Syd uses the Valentine heart plate year round in her play kitchen. Target has the best Valentines decorations. I would love to go down there and shop. Sandy you should go shopping at Target and buy some fun stuff for Kaleigh to play with. Last year I also bought Syd a apron with a cupcake hat for $5.99. I love red so Valentines decorations are perfect.

Look What Mom is Making Now!!!

These are precious!!!!!

Syd and I went to Walmart Friday night to buy felt to make felt food. I bought fabric and beads for sprinkles for donuts. I always keep mom busy. She loves sewing and I love designing projects. If you would like to buy donuts I am selling them. These would make a great Valentines gift. Email me the price is $2.00 each so you could get 5 for $10.00.

Saving Food Boxes

Over the long snow break I have been saving garbage. I am going to use this for my students to look for letters and words. If you can save me some garbage. I am going to tape the box tops shut. This would also be a good idea to put in kitchen. Instead of fake food I could use these.

I COOKED!!!!!!!!!

Gettting ready to bake
Got to use my pampered chef slicer and cutting board.
I put the pork chops on the George Forman Grill instead of the stove. Jon's idea.
Look I can cut up potatoes and Jon did not help .
My little princess helped me cook.
I bought a big bag of potatoes. I really need to use these. I guess fried potatoes.
Finished Pork Chop Casseroles
Canned Biscuits
I decided yesterday that I would cook. I made out a store list to match recipes. I am going to make pork chop casserole(Tab's recipe), cheeseburger dip, spaghetti, tacos, and something with chicken. I can cook even though I act like I don't know how. I just don't feel like there is any use in cooking when you have cereal, lunch meat and a microwave. Although I do feel like if I was an adult years ago then I would of cooked because we did not have all these microwave foods. When I go grocery shopping my buggy is usually empty until I reach the frozen section. If this section I am in my glory looking for new frozen foods. When I have company it is really easy to prepare a meal I just say we have plenty of food look in the freezer help your self. Zack can cook really good in the microwave. I taught him to try two minutes if it is not hot try another minute. Now my husband Mr. Miller he would love to have a home cooked meal. He is the only reason I planned out my recipes. When I cook I always think of the cooks at school. I know they would love to watch me in the kitchen. I have told them so many tales. My major one was when I was fixing microwavable mac-n-cheese the knew can in the cups. I fixed that and Zack told me to put water in it. I ignored him. When I got it out of the microwave it looked like fried worms. Can you believe someone could mess microwavable mac-n-cheese. All you do is add water to the line inside the cup and put in microwave for 31/2 minutes. Also once in the kitchen at school I called and told Ruth the head cook to put my water in ice so it would get cold. She said Teresa I can just put it in the walk in which is a refrigerator. I was like oh I see.
God Bless Me!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Crafty Project

Balen came up for a visit so he joined in with Syd and I in making this snowman. It was really easy. I taught them to get cups, bowls, or anything that is a circle to trace. Next we used a q-tip as the paint brush to paint. We had a good time.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baking With Granny Lelia!!!!

Granny Lelia loves to cook with Sydney. She came up yesterday and make chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles and mini cakes in heart and star pans. Syd loves her Granny Lelia. She gets up in the morning and says can I go to Granny Lelia's? Granny Lelia always plans projects for them to do. Syd loves making any type of craft or cooking. I am not the cook, hopefully Syd will not feel the same way. Maybe she can be the cook in the family.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ABC Book

Am I bored or what I was looking on the Internet at someone's blog and found an ABC book. I thought I will do that. It is going to be neat but a little to busy. It may take a while, a long while for this project. I will post this book as I complete each page. What do you think about this?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Look at Tan Man!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the last game of the WYMT. Tanner went up to Paula Alexander's house with his friend Matt Robinson to get painted. He was on TV also. This looks like a superhero action figure.

Valentine Ideas

Put a cookie in a CD holder stamp hearts on holder
Valentine Cards if interested I can make a design for you to print at Walmart
or CVS for $5.00 each.

Another design

Baby Food Jar/Brandie I need some of these


Pipe Cleaner Hearts

Decorate a heart cake
Crayons melted in a heart mold. They have heart molds at Dollar Tree.

This would be so cute for your friend/family.

These are made from rocks

Simone's Birthday!!!

These photo were taken last night at Simone's 8th birthday at Dilce Combs Gym. The party was so much fun. I am glad Syd was invited. She is loving birthdays. She just can't understand why she doesn't get presents. Syd did love giving Simone her present. We had ballgames yesterday and she told Simone my mom is going to make you a present. She knows me so well already. I love giving home made gifts or special ones. I usually think hard about gifts. Well actually I think about it the day of the party and start making something. I usually give photos as gifts. At the party the children, played basketball, gymnastics, make up, made bracelets, and sing karaoke. Now that was a fun party. Simone also has a wonderful family. Her brother Braxton plays basketball with Zack.