Thursday, July 30, 2009

Granny's Brownies

Just about every day mom fixes some type of food. She loves to give food to us. I believe she thinks I don't feed my kids. Now I don't cook but there is always cereal, cookies, chips and microwavable food. We were fixing to go to a ball game Syd sat down and opened the aluminium foil on this plate and discovered granny's brownies. She was one happy camper.

Getting My Classroom Ready

Always A Mess

I just want to share with all my blog readers. MY HOUSE IS ALWAYS A MESS. I get up early and clean my house up and then everyone wakes up and then it is a mess again. I really don't mind but, however Jon does. He told me the other day which I thought was crazy that our house was more nasty than his bachelor pad with Kevin. This is the bottom of the steps this is my clothes that need to be put up. Crafty supplies that need to be taken up stairs to my work shop.

Bottle Caps

I have been working for days on all these bottle caps. Sandy came in for a visit and brought me a new product to use on the bottle caps. If you look close you may see the bottle cap for your order.
On Tuesday Syd and I decided to schedule a play date with Balen and Chloe. I couldn't wait to share the fun day with all my blog friends. I also know that Sheila and Brandie will want to see what we did all day. Remember a picture is worth so much. As you look at these photos she the enjoyment in a child's eye. This is the way we all should be. Jesus gives us each day. Make the best out of each day of your life. Sheila and Brandie it is your time for a play date with these three. Mom called me through out the play date and said "Teresa you must have lots of energy." I said "mom the kids happiness is my energy" Look on your will enjoy our play date journey.

1. Sheila brought Balen up to the house with a picnic bag packed.
2. We went to the bread store for bread to feed ducks at the lake. Brandie meet me
there with Chloe.

3. We went to RW Combs to visit. Here they are coming down the hallways. This is when I thought picture perfect moment. This happened all through out the day.

4. Close up, can't wait for these three to be in school together

5. Visiting preschool, Syd gets to finally go to school this year

6. Balen visiting preschool

7. Chloe visiting preschool. Cleaned up our mess and headed out of preschool

8. Headed down primary hallway Mrs. Rita had a bag of fun stuff. She told them to get what they wanted. Had to take all three to bath room.

9. Next down hallway to my classroom

10. They raid the fridge and get Mountain Dews

11. Went to visit Davida's classroom took a break to drink the dew. Davida gave them bubbles

12. On to gym no photo sorry they rolled on the floor

13. On to preschool playground

14. Deno's dairy bar for ice cream with sprinkles

15. To Carrs Fork Lake

16. Picture time Balen

17. All three we had to make Syd get in this picture

18. Chloe's time for a photo

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Please Pray Right Now

A co-worker and special friend Josh Baker's baby is being sent to Lexington today. I don't know all the details. Please pray for this family. I will update this blog message when I find out more info. God Bless, Teresa
Update Baby Cooper had surgery and is doing well. Still haven't talked to Josh got a facebook update from Baby Coopers Granny Ann Williams. Keep praying for Baby Cooper