Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby Shoes $5.00 each

These shoes can be made to made any outfit. I can also paint on them.

Black Gold and Items for Sale

Leg Warmers $5.00 each
Barbie Doll Sleeping Bag $6.00
Baby Doll Sleeping Bag $8.00 can be made with Dora fabric
Hairbow Holders $8.00
Purses $6.00

Syd Gymnastics #2 Lesson

Syd like gymnastics much better this time. She stood in line better and enjoyed it. These photos were taken after the class was over.

Cross Country

Zack loves cross country. He is really fast. He places in top ten usually. At this race he placed 7th. He got a medal which was nice because we usually get ribbons. Chavies hosted and their coach is awesome. It was nice that she chose the medals we had not had that before.

Ribbon T-Shirts

This is mom's new creation. We can make this for birthday, holidays, or school colors your choice. You can choose short or long sleeve. These are $15.00 each. Don't forget the matching hairbow for $5.00 large, $4.00 medium, $3.00 small. I made this one in Willard Elementary colors which would also work for 4th of July. Just email me if you would like to order. I can also make custom hairbows to match your outfits.

First Cheer Squad Hairbow Sell!

I had my first order for a cheer squad. This order came from a school I taught at for 7 years Willard Elementary in Perry County. I love that school Willard people are the best friends you could have. If any one is interested I sell these for $5.00 each. I can put a pony tail band on the back or an alligator clip. I can do for a squad or individual.

Sydney's New Dress Up Clothes

The outfit in the front is a cheer outfit mom is making this one is for Perry Central. It also comes with jeans with the black dot fabric around bottom of jeans. We sell this one for $35.00. If you are interested we could make any color to match your school. For winter you would wear a t-shirt under the top.

Mom bought this garment rack from a yard sale this summer. I thought about using it in my craft booth at the festivals. I went to the junk store which moved to Christopher where I live Lanny Cornett's. He had Halloween costumes for $2.00 each. I went and bought what he had to fit Sydney. I then put them and what we already had on this rack.

I'm a Good Mommy! Zack Wrestling Ring

I have been so busy working and making hairbows and bottlecap necklaces. I felt like I missed my kids. So one evening I told Tanner I was a good mommy because that evening. I made him pizza rolls in the oven, washed a special Perry Central T-shirt he wanted to wear, made this wrestling ring with Zack and played with Sydney in her room. I was a proud person for being a good mommy. Little things go a long way so remember those that are special. I am not a mommy that cooks and cleans, just a mommy that likes to have fun. This wrestling ring is made from a box that copy paper came in at school. Zack had been watching you tube and saw some stages made something like this one. We bought a kids WWE magazine it was a neat magazine. We cut the pictures out and glued on the box. Then I thought that looks like a ring on top so we got sticks and some ropes left over from an old ring that he had. The curtain is black fabric glued inside the cut out we have that on both sides. This is a crafty project for boys.
Until next time,

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sydney Gymnastics

I am selling these leg warmers for $5.00 a pair if your interested just email me.

Sydney started in gymnastics last week. Tonight was her second lesson. The first night she did back bends and tonight she got to do headstands and cartwheels. She did much better the second night. She told me on the way home that she loved gymnastics and wanted to go back. I have had a blast watching her.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sydney's 3rd Birthday!

Taylen son of Teresa and Jeff Hylton. He is in Kindergarten at Dennis Wooton. He is one character of loves to have fun. Loves to do activities and crafts.
This is Talen's sister Laceyn she is the same age of Syd. I would describe her as the dare devil.
She love to have fun. Look at that tattoo. She also loves pooh bear.
Syd waving when taking her photo.
Aaron Messer he is our neighbor just moved into our neighborhood. I have know his parents since high school
Haley Patterson love this smile. That is the smile I always have her to make when I take her photo.
Jon and I don't I just look lovely no makeup.
Does it look like these boys wanted to stop and take a photo.
Balen surprised me he could ride this big wheel using the peddles and not his feet.
Syd opening presents. Beside her is Haley Patterson they are so much alike love to play and loves new toys.
Neighbor Savannah joined the party.

Sydney blowing at birthday candle
Mom feeding Brayden his first ice cream
The pretend cave.
To find the treasure
This is my sister in law (sister) Donna Kay she works at JC Penny in Hazard. She doesn't get to hang out with us that much but she still keeps up with all of the kids. She is known by my boys the lady who can find anything. When Tanner was little and would loose something he would say call Kay. I was so grateful that she didn't have to work and got to come to the party.

Love this picture
We used my backdrop stand from school. We took individual photos of each guest and tried to get a group shot. This was not all the guest I don't know were all of them were during this photo.

We celebrated Syd's birthday with a DORA theme. I decided to plan the birthday party the Monday before. I waited until Friday and the birthday Saturday thinking I would get a cake that didn't happen. Mom made the cupcakes, Tab put the icing on and Syd and Mattie decorated them. With the invitation I attached a yellow paper bag like it was a backpack I asked the guest to decorate the bag and bring a stuffed animal, doll, action figure, etc. We had three places to go to get to the treasure. When we went on the adventure the guest left their stuffed animal for swipper to swip. The first stop was to lollipop land which was a neighbors yard Zack and Tyler put lollipops in the ground. Next was back down to my front yard for the cave. A large freezer box from Sears. Then they discovered their stuffed animals were gone. They had to find them hidden in a tree. After this it was treasure time. This was around to the side of my house. Syd's presents and guest presents were handed out first. I made each one a personalized bottle cap necklace and we also had cookies at this spot.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Look at these Girls!

Mrs. Josh Baker
Mrs. Eric Smith
This is two of my co-workers. Mr. Brashear and Mr. Baker had a bet on test scores. Mr. Brashear won the bet so Josh had to dress up like a girl. I thought it would be good for Eric to dress up with him since they are best friends. How perfect, Eric won the contest hands down.
After this we went to the library and ate dinner.

R.W. Combs Lady Mustang's First Basketball Game

Chloe, Sydney, and Hannah having fun.
Mattie she is a great cheerleader
Tab took Syd to visit the police that done security at the ballgame. He gave Syd a sticker badge.

I chose the first game to work the concession stand. Pam, Brandie, Chloe and Brayden all came to. Syd had a great time. She found an extra set of pompons and stood beside the cheerleaders and tried to cheer kinda of like when she tries to sing at church. We are going to gymnastics this Sunday.

Sydney's Birthday Party

This is the invitation I designed for Sydney's birthday party. I uploaded them to Walmart to be printed. Next Syd and I put a Dora sticker on the front of the card. We also stapled this card to a yellow paper bag. I wanted purple they didn't have them so we chose yellow. The kids are to bring the yellow bag like it is a backpack. I can't wait to share all my birthday planning tomorrow after the party.

Gingerbread Festival Booth!

I am just getting to post about the Gingerbread Festival. I met so many people. I had the best time. My neighbors that I met were so precious. We had a good time talking we are also going to set up at Appalachian Days at Alice Lloyd College. My biggest selling items were my bottle cap necklaces. Adult and kids both bought them. I also sold all my Halloween Jeans and matching headbands. My other best seller was leg warmers or baby legs. For the drawing I had from the Gingerbread Festival went to a young man Anthony Easterling. Thanks to everyone for signing up. I plan on setting up at Black Gold Festival I am looking for someone to work for me on Thursday and Friday during the day because of work. If you know of anyone please call or email me I am working hard preparing not knowing if I will get to set up or not. Tomorrow we are celebrating Sydney's 3rd birthday it is a DORA theme. It is sad my baby girl is 3. She has been singing from her birthday invitation. Where are we going? Sydney's House, Where are we going? Sydney's House.