Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clothing Creations

Mom is a sewing machine. She never takes breaks like I do. She just sews and sews more. I have to say she does an excellent job. We have so many ideas right now. We are doing our best to keep up with all the orders. All of these outfits/dresses come with matching bows. We can also make headbands with the same fabric as the outfits.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

$3.00 or with rabbit bow $7.00 together
$5.00 rabbit hair bow
Chick bow $5.00
Chick shirt $20.00 with free hair bow
Chick out fits all sold, however I can make shirts $20.00 with free matching chick hair bow free.

Easter is coming!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for another family party. I want to make up a scavenger hunt all over the neighborhood and Lothair hiding clues for everyone to find. This will be great because the older boys will enjoy this game. At Valentines they thought the games were for babies. I promise boys I will make it up to you at the Easter party. I will stay home and watch the little ones while the boys go out on the hunt.

First Visit to Kaleigh

Last photo of the trip my two babies that are twins but 7 years apart fell
fast asleep on the couch side by side
Syd at the birthday
Present time, Brent this is the bestest face so cute
Okay now this is the BEST photo of the day I will as well as everyone else will remember this moment Sandy blowing out the candles
Look at the cameras
Playing in water with Syd's yard sale toy
Polly Pockets toy Syd found at yard sale
Look at those precious hands
Play, Play, Play
Granny Lelia and Kaleigh
A group photo before Kaleigh's birthday photo
Love this outfit $35.00
A dress from China, gift from Sandy and Brent
Daddy and Syd, Jon loved the dress on Syd
Syd's favorite smile
Last weekend Jon, Lelia, Zack, Syd and I went to visit Kaleigh in Tenn. It was a miracle that you Jesus. I loved getting to see her, hold her and watch her check everyone out. I have to say she is a great baby. She was always smiling and content in her surroundings. One of the special moments I notice most was when Sandy would pick her up to hold her Kaleigh's head would lay automatically on Sandy's shoulder like Kaleigh was going to melt. She loved being with her mommy. She also gave all of us lots of smiles. I enjoyed watching her eat. Syd also got to feed her. Zack was holding and talking to her. I could go on and on. I absolutely love to go and visit Sandy her house is so nice. Brent and Sandy makes us feel at home. Thanks, you two. I must also say Nashville has the kindest people there. I have met her neighbors and went to yard sales. Guess what in walking distance. How much fun was that??????? I even dressed Syd up of course my little model and gave out my space website to make some more sales. I can't wait to go back. Sandy if you can't come in for Easter I am coming to you. Let's decide soon because Easter will be here before you know it.

Baby Shower Gift and Flip Flop Winner

Flip Flop Drawing Winner
Baby 3-6 months hot pink/zebra trim

Hair Bow Gift Basket

Tanner's Birthday Dinner

The Tan Man 16 years old.

Work Work Work

Sheila had to bring up her big skillet.
The first photo in the beginning.
Tanner turned 16 on March 18, 2009. He got in a little of trouble at school on March 17, 2009 so he was grounded on his birthday. I am still going to have a big party for him. We just have to plan it. Sheila called and said I am coming up to your house to cook a meal for Tanner's birthday. She cooked chicken on a stick, mac-n-cheese, rolls, baked potato's and cole slaw. I almost forgot Hot fudge cakes from brownies, ice cream and all the toppings. As all of you know that has been keeping up with my blog I am not the cook. My kitchen was the messiest it had ever been since the remodel. Sheila cooked so much food should I say for the whole neighborhood. I am proud of Sheila for being able to cook. This summer Sheila maybe you can teach me how to cook.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dora Make Up Vanity

I have wanted to purchase this for sometime. I thought no just wait and make Syd a make up vanity like your mom made you. She will out grow that in no time. Okay I gave in, Jon took all of us to Lexington to Hobby Lobby because I needed supplies. We also of course went to Toys R Us.

Barbie Doll Heaven

Since I guess I knew I was having a girl I have been buying barbie doll stuff for her. All of it has come from yard sales, Hospice or Goodwill. I tried to keep these hid in the garage. Of course Syd found them. She always wants to play with them, basically she just gets them out of the bin and then leaves them. She plays a little with them. Now I have moved them to the front porch for her to play with for summer. Guess what my front porch is cleaned. I am excited. I love being outside. I also have a karaoke machine. I am ready to sing loud for the whole neighborhood. Tanner will be embarrassed I am sure. I am thinking his friends will think it is cool to hear his mom sing on the front porch. He thinks I AM EMBARRASSED. Oh well, hopefully someday he will remember and do the same thing.

Syd Eating

How cute is this photo? I looked at Syd sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor and thought picture perfect moment. She was eating strawberry wafer cookies. Yummy~~~~

New Bottle Cap Designs

We have a daisy group at school . I am going to make my favorite new product the flower hair clips with a bottle cap center with the daisy design. Soccer is also in full swing in the county. I had a special order for the RW Combs Soccer Coach bracelet. The peace signs I am going to put on a pair of flip flops.

Mom's New Design

Littlest Pet Shop!!!!!!!!
This outfit is two piece with a free hair bow. You can choose pants or shorts. The outfit can be made from babies to big girls. Outfit is $35.00 Email me those orders. Thanks for all the special orders I have been getting. Mom and I have been busy, but enjoying designing new clothes. It is so much fun working and loving it at the same time.

Syd Career Day at School

This was in my classroom
Syd is wearing my new favorite hair clips the big flowers. The large are $3.00 each

Syd has been visiting preschool. She does love preschool however, she would rather stay in my classroom. It was career day at school. Granny Lelia bought her this outfit from my twinn doll company. She looked so adorable.

It has been a long time since I have posted. I am so far behind updating this blog. I am also behind in my life. I have been enjoying life and not doing any work. I have been off on Spring break since March 17. I also took a trip to Tenn. Hurray!!!!!

The winner of my first give away was Robyn Thornsberry. I met Robyn at my first craft show at the Gingerbread Festival in Knott County. Robyn email me your design. Check out my space, click on pictures, then click on flip flop fun. You will get ideas there. My space ID is Keepsake in Memories.


Monday, March 9, 2009

1st Give Away

This was a special order for a birthday gift. You get shirt, pants, and hair bow $35.00.
This order was for a ribbon t-shirt.
Hair bow $5.00 or can be special ordered for an outfit. You can email me a photo of a special outfit for Easter you want a hair bow designed. I have several ribbons to choose from.

Close up of ribbon t-shirt I sell these for $15.00 with a free hair bow
How precious are these? These were a special order from a lady for R.W. Combs. I have also made these for Hazard and I also have an order for Leslie County.

Mom and I have been so busy making new designs. I do have to admit it is so much fun. Mom is buying all the fabric is can find with new patterns. She is doing an awesome job at designing dresses alone and with pants. If you need a pageant, birthday outfit just email me. I love doing special orders they are the best. I have been busy making flip flops I sold seven pairs last week. They are so much fun making. You get a pair of shoes, two double layer boutique bows with spikes. The flip flops are made to interchange the bows. It would be good to get a black pair/wrapped in black ribbon and that way you can change out the bows. I am in the process of making myself a hot pink RWC zebra shirt and flip flops I will take a photo so I can be a Keepsake In Memories model. Ha!!!! I am also making soccer and baseball/softball bows. Email me team orders. I think this would be neat for the whole team to wear. Thanks for all my orders. Keep them coming I appreciate your business.
I am holding a drawing for a free pair of flip flops. You get to design them. I will also post the winner photo taken with their flip flops. Email me at I will have Syd draw a name out on Friday.