Friday, January 4, 2008

New Years Party!!

New Years we usually stay home. I don't know why but Jon just doesn't like to go anywhere on New Years. I guess he just wants to stay home with me. Yeh Right! I called Monek to see what she had planned. Then I called Tom & Pam, Ray & Tab, I also invited Sheila and Clinton's family they didn't want to come or couldn't. I dress Syd and me alike. I bought me a pair of black boots like hers. I rolled up our jeans, we wore black shirts, and snowflake necklaces. I didn't get a photo of both of us dressed alike. Oh well, you can't get them all. I did get one of Syd and some others to post. We went to services at church for New Year's but we left early and didn't get to stay for the count down. I watched the ball drop on TV and called Tanner and said Happy New Year! Oh Yea! I was reading on the Internet of a lady who has a challenge to not buy anything unless it is a need. I believe or excuse me I know that would be great for me. She has decided to always think before making compulsive purchases. Now I haven't shared this with Jon yet. I believe he will be my boss and take charge to make sure I keep this commitment. Also another challenge I have is to think of one word and live by it for the year. Why don't all of you do the same. Please email me your word. I am choosing the word Faith! I need to improve in this area so much. This word means so much and I want to live by it and grow closer to Jesus and live my life with him leading me in the direction he wants for me and not what I want. I am praying for him to use me to teach others about him and bring them to our church. I want to be a witness and show others how great he is and that there is no better way in your life. So many people don't realize that. They think I will not be the same. Well you are and your heart and life is so much better. I just want everyone to be happy like me. The one thing is JESUS! that can make this possible.

Day Two Remodel

There wasn't much photos to take. It really just looks the same. Today the kitchen cabinets were taken down. We savaged the top ones for the garage. The stove was taken to the garbage hauler. Hooray! I have survived that stove it is a drop in stove with push buttons on the front. I can not tell you how many times I have been in the vehicle ready to back out of the garage and come back in to see if it is turned off. It is so easy for the kids or anyone to bump into it or the kids play with the buttons. Hooray! its gone. The floor is all taken out and the sheet rock. I have been looking for where all my winter visitors have been coming in through. You know the ones that makes me a nervous wreck. I hate when I see a trace of them. Well I have been wanting to let Syd paint and not worry what she gets it on. So this was the perfect opportunity. Tanner, Zack and myself also had fun. Jon thought Teresa should we be doing this. I said who cares take me picture. This is most defiantly going to be a bible school activity, school or summer fun. I will get a big board and go at it. You should do this one with some kids and have fun. Always be a kid and you will never grow old. Until next time, Mommy Teresa

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Remodeling Day One

For those of you who do not know we began remodeling our house. This is something I would of never dreamed would be happening right now. It all began with water problems. Which have been going on since we moved here in 2000. We decided to do it all instead of remodeling in small steps. Tom called last night and said he was ready to begin today. I will do my best to post each day. School is out because of snow and not much basketball is going on right now so I have more time. Check back daily you never know when I will post.

Zack the Cook!

Zack the Cook!!!!
Believe it or not. I have been teaching Zack to cook. May I remind you he is just eight years old. I figured I would start him out young so I could turn at least one of my children to cook for me. He can make his own mac in cheese the microwavable kind, he gets his ice cream from the freezer and puts magic shell on it, he will also make a sandwich, microwave pizza. I have also made a couple sweets for Christmas. We made the chex mix with powder sugar, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and we made a pretzel snack. We also made egg omelets. Tonight we made pork chops. I let him season them and boy did he. Now that my kitchen is going to be gone tomorrow it seems I want to cook.

Christmas at the Brewer's
I tried to get a photo of everyone, I did except for Chloe. I am sorry. We had a good time. Clinton gave everyone something special and also for the kids. He gave all of us suckers. I tried to eat one I believe three times. Kids kept on coming and wanting my sucker I gave it to them. Oh well! We played the steal the present game. I got a really nice purse. We had lots to eat I also took some home. On Christmas Day Lelia and Arthur came up mom made us food and we had Christmas Dinner and yes I went to mom's and picked up a butterball turkey, green beans, can of cranberry sauce, rolls, mash potatoes, and dressing. All I made was mac-n-cheese. Thanks mom I don't know what I would do without you. Hopefully some day I will be able to do the same for my kids. Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. I know it keeps everyone busy but really there is no better time. All the family gatherings and the food. As we get older the present don't mean as much as getting to spend time with family and of course something special to eat. I love family time. We should all have family gatherings once a week or should I say let's try once a month. That is a challenge I give to each of my readers.
God Bless, Teresa

Christmas Memories 2007

Zack and Tanner at Granny's waiting for presents.
Lelia always makes sure that they read the story of the birth of Jesus every Christmas before opening presents. She began before the boys could read and now they help. This is a tradition I will most will continue hopefully from generation to generation.
This was Sydney's favorite present this Christmas from Uncle Greg and Aunt Emily from Lexington. It also has shoes. She plays with it everyday. Oh yeh! Syd found this Dora gown in the laudry room I had it out for her to wear for Christmas morning photos. She had to wear it everywhere on Christmas Eve to Granny's and Mamaw's. I tried to hide it and she wore it for a couple of days. She loves Dora clothes.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas 2007

I need to be making an entry about my New Year's and of course I am behind and writing about Christmas. I have wanted to write when Syd is not on top of me landing on the laptop. She has a problem with that. She want let me watch TV because she controls the TV so I get on the laptop then she decided to sit on my head of crawl on me and land on top. I am on guard at all times.Christmas I first want to share two of my favorite men. My my daddy David and my father in law Arthur. There is a story behind these two. They have been friends through the years. I didn't know that Arthur had such a handsome son. All I knew was Arthur was the telephone man and he hung out at dad's store sometimes. When I was a little girl and got my pink bedroom he came to my house and put in my phone line. Who would of ever thought I would marry Arthur Miller's son Jonathan. I love these two. They both take such good care of me. They are two of the bravest giving men I know. Both of them are truly caring. I know my kids all have an example of two good papaws.