Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My new niece Kaleigh Callahan

Jon's sister Sandy and her husband Brent have been waiting to adopt their baby girl for 3 years. It takes a long time for the adoption process. They left out and went to China on Feb. 18 and yesterday they received their precious daughter. You can check out her blog to learn all about the journey of adoption. Check out my new baby. I have always said and mean it with all my heart. My nieces and nephews are mine. I want to be called mommy Teresa.

On another note. I have been busying working. I am so excited I spent three hours in Syd's room going through and organizing clothes. Syd says "organisizing" I love it. She says it all the time. I am also in the beginning stage of opening a small part of my house into a store. I have so many customers that say how can I see your stuff. Well now just come to my house for a visit. I can't wait. I will post photos when I am finished. If any one is interested in buying any of Syd's clothes I will price them and put in a storage bin you can come by and look at them or take them with you. It is the easiest way for a yard sale. The following is Sandy's link Callahan http://ourjourneytokaleigh.blogspot.com/

God bless and Thank you Jesus for Kaleigh,

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Space

I have spent all evening designing a my space page for my business. It seemed to be the best thing for now. I don't know how to design and website. Once I take all my photos for my space I will have them for a website in case some day I can get a website. Please go check it out. I think it is so adorable. http://www.myspace.com/keepsakeinmemories

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Syd Washing Dishes

Every time Syd finds Jon or I in the kitchen. She is running for a chair or step stool wanting to help out. Here I let her wash some dishes in the sink.

Chloe's 3rd Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Chloe
Syd enjoyed one of Chloe's presents
Granny/Mamaw Jean
Syd just finished eating cake
Aunt Sheila and her girls
Sheila with the 3 little ones
Brandie with the birthday girl
Balen loved the water. He didn't fear the water he went all over the pool
Chloe also loved the pool
Syd wanted to stay on the steps. She still had fun. She would come over to me but I moved a chair right next to the steps. She would say one more time. So sweet.

Valentine's Party at Tab's House

Last year we had girls night out with our daughters. Each month or twice a month we would all load up in Tab's vehicle and take a trip around Hazard. We went to JC Penny's and all the girls bought the same shirt, we went to Pizza Hut at Airport Gardens in the back party room, we went to Walmart and let the girls sit in the floor and look at magazines, then go play with the toys, we had a Valentines Party, pool party at Tab's, movies. We had so much fun. Then basketball season began and girls night out went out the door. Hey Tab we need to start that back up. We did have fun. Mattie is always asking me with her friends at school when are we having a girls night out. They love it and I love spending time having fun with them. Syd also loves it even though she is so much younger than them. Tab and Mattie planned a Valentines party for Mattie's friends and invited us. We had an awesome time. We played games one was called hot heart. It was like hot potato they passed around a heart candy and when the music stopped who had the heart was out. The also guessed the number of Hersey's kisses in a jar. Then they put a heart inside a heart who got the closest one won. We also had great food. Tab is always the best at cooking. She had several finger foods. The kids loved it they actually ate.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Busy Day!!!!!

Syd and Balen watching the game
I believe Syd thought the game was a loud
This was a fundraiser for March of Dimes. Each school sold these paper rings for twenty five cents each and after they displayed them at the ballgame they put them in a big pile. Syd saw someone playing in them so then she stayed there for most of the game.
Syd and Haley Patterson
This outfit is so precious. We sell them for $35.00. Just let me know what colors you want.
During the pep rally there was a spirit line. The students held balloons and in each one was confetti. This is the mess. Syd played in the mess.
Syd always get in my treasure chest when she visits my classroom.
This is a special friend Renetta. Renetta taught Syd a cheer. You stink.
She was so cute saying the cheer.
Derek dancing during the 100th day of school
Chloe and Syd eating cupcakes
Brayden in my classroom eating
My nephew Dalton dancing with Mrs. Linda
Zack and his friends watching from the bleachers
Today at school we celebrated Valentines, 100th Day, and a pep rally for tonight's ballgame. How busy!!!! All the kids at school had a great time. Brandie came up and brought her children for a visit and I went and picked up Syd from Monek's to bring her to school. All the students enjoyed the day.

Perry County Basketball Runner-Up

Hey look front and center that's my Zack-Man
Zack getting a trophy
They introduced the players before the game.
Syd's cheerleading jacket. I sell these for $30.00. We personalized them for your school.

Zack's 5th/6th grade basketball team won runner up tonight in the county tournament. I hate that I wanted 1st place. The other team had better more experience players.

Jon and Syd Cooking

Syd loves to help out in the kitchen. It doesn't matter if it is washing dishes, putting groceries away, or cooking. Each time she catches someone cooking she runs and gets a chair or step stool to help.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY/Perry County Grade School Tournament

I am always posting photos of everyone else. I bought Syd a suckers that had lips attached. I kept them after she ate the sucker for her baby dolls pacifier. The hat was a gift form Brenda Dunsil. I thought this would make a great photo. Well it is actually kinda weird.

Love this outfit. How cute.

Love it when Syd puts her hands on her hips like a cheerleader.

This is one of Sydney's cheerleading uniforms. Sometimes she loves to cheer and sometimes she doesn't. That is because she is only 3 a baby. I just want her to have fun. That is what life is all about. At the ball games she loves playing with all the kids and running around. She especially loves the concessions stands.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Party Time

Brandie's Family/Love this photo to funny. Chloe did not want to take her photo.
Sheila and her family

Each child and mom brought treat bags. Mom made each child a shirt from a dollar bill and attached it to a hersey bar. How neat! They loved it on the way back home from the ball game tonight Zack was still talking about this.

My crew

Tom's Family

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!!!

I had planned a family Valentines party and decided to surprise mom for her birthday which is on Feb. 24. I am actually born the same day as mom. Happy early birthday mom. I love you.