Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween 2008!!!

Charles Robinson's little boy and Syd.
Kyle Moore having fun

Little Joe handing out candy.

Adam found a friend.

Lisa's Dog dressed up

Look at me. I believe there was camera shake.

Love this photo Granny Jean and two Wonder Woman's Chloe and Syd.

Roselyn Joseph and her friend dressed as baby dolls.

Look out here I come.

Adam and Kay

How sweet! Yes Syd did have all her hair cut off. I am hoping it will help it get thicker. Her hair is so thin. I do love her hair cut.
Hope everyone had a great time. We have all been sick with colds and coughs. I can't wait to get better. We did forget about sickness for a while and had fun.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Balen's 3rd Birthday!

These are some of my favorite photos from today. Brandie was trying to get a good shot of these two Chloe and Derek. Chloe had been drinking a red kool aid drink.
Hey Mom here you are again. I know mom is the most loyal fan of my blog. Thanks Mom

This was his favorite gift.

This was an awesome photo Roger and Brayden.

How cute this is the best looking dude I know. We were singing Happy Birthday and at this age you also sing to your self. How sweet!!!

Today we celebrated Balen's birthday. He was born a month after Syd. Next Chloe was born in February. These three are close in age. When they get to be together you can see the enjoyment in their eyes. They hug each other and play so well together. Balen's birthday was fun they rode the riding toys through the house and played with the birthday toys. His favorite gift was a big fire truck. I had him go and get wrestling men to put on the ladder. I also showed him to knock them off of the ladder so I also had fun playing. They also went outside and jumped on the trampoline and played on the swing set. We ate cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and cake/ice cream. I wish I had more time to spend with my family. I just love getting to talk to them and remember old times. Next birthday is Dad's Oct. 28 can't wait. Mom let's have another party!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ideas for Bottle Cap Gifts

These caps are my most recent. I had a bus driver buy for her students. They attend Bell County. Our school secretary ordered several of her grandson. If you notice the photo of the two kids this was a photo taken a long time ago these boys are now in the 2nd and 4th grade. She ordered several for gifts also. Notice the megaphone I have all colors of these available. The cheerleader photos were taken last night at 8th Grade Night. These girls wanted a photo in their cheer uniform. Another idea would be to order these for a sports team, church, or friends at Christmas.

New Bottle Cap Images/Christmas Sales

I have been selling several custom orders this week. If you are interested I can make and wrap your gifts. Bottle Cap Necklaces are $5.00 with a ribbon necklace, $3.00 cap only. Send me a photo to scan or a jpeg image on the computer and I can personalized bottlecaps with photos.
I am also selling sets of hairbows. Colors I have are Gold, Red, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, White, Hot Pink, Red, Black, Orange, Kelly Green, Off White. This is 11 colors order a set for $40.00 that is eleven bows less than $4.00. I can make these any size of ribbon. 1.5 or 7/8. This would be a perfect gift also for a baby shower. Email me today to put your order in for the holidays.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pastor Appreciation Dinner at Church

Associate Pastor Kendal
My best friend Tabatha Love this photo! Thanks Cordis.

Pam and Doris was having a photo taken and I wanted to jump in can you tell.
Great Food. Look in the red hoodie Tanner Brown putting something in his mouth probably bread. He loves rolls.Pastor Densmore and the woman behind this good man Mrs. Sue

A Group Photo R.W. Combs Preschool Morning/Kindergarten

In the back of the group in the orange shirt is Farmer Burley he is married to Betty.
Farmer Betty she is a family member and friend.

Love this Photo!

My baby girl. Thanks you Jesus
Syd sure isn't like her mother I would of picked the biggest pumpkin. She got the smallest. How cute. I put this on our dining room table. I will take photos of my fall decorations and post later.
Notice Syd's hairbow it is a spider. I have several to sale $5.00 each they are super cute. They match all Halloween clothes.

A funny story about this photo but totally worth it. During the corn maze we stopped to take a few photos. The rest of the group went on ahead. Just before we entered a young man said his mom wasn't coming I said well I will be your mommy. We got lost in the corn maze and like to never got out. The group was finished had picked out their pumpkins and eating cookies and lemonade. I took the wrong turn twice. It has arrows like which way to go of course I went the wrong way. I did get nervous. We finally got out and I was screaming you left me, left me. After Syd and the other child picked out their pumpkins we went and joined the rest of the group. In the afternoon another group from our school went and before they went to the corn maze they were yelling my name. They found a skeleton and called it Teresa. Oh well, I did make every ones day with a good laugh.


Holiday Farm

Syd doesn't attend school but she got to ride on the bus with me. She told me on the way to school I am not going to be scared. We had fun I had all the kindergarten students singing and when we went by Walmart I had them chanting Walmart-Walmart.
This is my second cousin Donvin Brewer I have posted about him before. I love being to share photos of him for the family who read my blog.
This is my nephew Dalton Toler he is Brandie and Roger's son. He also went on the trip.
This is a special lady who volunteers in my classroom every day. She teaches a reading and math group with me. Syd had fun with her. She loves children and will make a great mother.
Donavin going through the corn maze look at that happy face.

Sydney's PCC Outfit

This is a ribbon t-shirt we sell these for $15.00 and you can buy a matching hairbow for $5.00 if you are interested in your school colors just email me.

Baby Brayden

If you are wondering what is in mom's ear. It was a giant snowball.

Brandie is such a good mommy. She always takes her babies with her everywhere. She doesn't care and she is patient. Brayden is now three months old. He is eating good and starting to smile. I feel like Brandie's children are my grandbabies.


Zack Football

Zack finished football. He was coached by Steve Dixon. He liked it. I had a hard time because I couldn't tell who was who. He received a trophy and a nice t-shirt that said future Commodore. Now on to basketball.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cross Country 2008

Zack smiling waiting for that trophy.
K-4 Top 10 runners
R.W. Combs Cross Country team 2008. See Syd beside Zack

Cross country this year seemed to not be as hot as usual. Zack did run every race. He is in the K-4 division. He is in the third grade so next year will be it. Last year in 2007 he finished in the finals 8th place. This year in finished 4th oh man that is awesome. I am a proud mommy but most of all he is a proud kid. His team finished first in the county. Last year K-4 also finished first. I coached last year but this year I decided I had to much going on. The craft sales has added to my list of duties. I am really enjoying it. Right now mom and I are getting ready for Christmas sales. I just received my biggest order yesterday at Walmart. So exciting Shanna Rae a friend of mine ordered 37 hairbows for her dance team at Leatherwood. If you know of any cheer squads send them my way a two color cheer bow with a rhinestone center is $5.00.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Special Order Hairbows

This one is called a cheer bow $5.00
Piggy Set 8.00
5.00 Hannah Montana Cheer Bow
Dora Syd Cheer Bow 5.00
I can make all types of hairbows. I also can put them on alligator clip, french clip or pony tail holder. You can also email me your outfits and I can make them to match.