Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Church Service

Syd and I lighting a candle in memory of Jon's cousin David Miller
and Tanner's papaw Cecil Brown.

Friday, May 22, 2009

School Pictures

Devin Campbell 4th Grade
Derek Brewer 2nd Grade

A few post back I posted Zack and Syd's school photos. I thought I would also share these two special cousins. This school year I am honored that Devin came to R.W. Combs. It is a long haul for my sister, Sheila to bring him it is around 30 minutes one way. It is good knowing how he is doing in school and getting to spend time with him.

Derek is a special unique character. A boy who is all about fun. This school year he has had a great basketball year. He got to play more games and started first five. His biddy league group got runner up in their division. Next school year Zack and Derek both will be in 3rd grade together. Can't wait they are going to have so much fun together.

Teacher Gift Idea

Wanted to share a good idea for a end of the year gift idea for a special teacher or anyone at school. I would love to make this for the cooks at school. They are so good to me. For the candy arrangement these were taped to sticks. I believe I will get Zack
to make this for his teachers.

Lost of a Special Friend-Co Worker

I received a phone call of bad news last Sunday. I special friend Darrell Couch lost his life. He became ill on Saturday and died Sunday. It was his heart. He will be missed. He was always so helpful. Jesus please take care of Darrell. I will miss him.

New Bows

Okay this is upside down I don't know how to change it. Sorry. Can you read upside down?

A friend called and ordered for her twin girls Haylee and Hannah. Love the way these turned out. These were for flip flops. All the flops I sell are interchangeable you buy extra sets of bows to put on the shoes. I love anything that is interchangeable.

Sleeping Beauty Again

Little Teresa here sleeping away. When Syd goes to school in the morning with me she will not let mom come and pick her up. She starts crying and saying I want to stay with you. This day she got still enough and asleep she went.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pep Rally at School

At school to kick off our CATS testing we had a Guitar Hero CATS party. We all dressed up like rockers. The kids played games, and played Guitar Hero on the Wii. Mom brought Syd to me dressed up as a rocker.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Teacher Gift Idea

I found this somewhere on the Internet. It is the end of the year and time for those teacher gifts. Why not go out and buy a fern or flower pot and add a photo of the class or your child. It would not have to be one of each student. Just take a group shot and tape to a dowel rod or paint stick. That is all it would take for this beautiful thoughtful gift.

Bottle Cap Samples

Houston caps were made into key chains, and caps
I used these photos for a bracelet
These were ordered for Dennis Wooton Cheerleaders a gift for awards banquet
These were sales for key chains and samples for craft shows.

These are bottle caps or rings that I have had over the last month special orders. I sold several for Easter Basket Gifts, Mother's Day and birthday gifts. I have been having special orders for baby shower and birthday gifts. I have them in a gift bag ready to deliver. If you need a gift email me at Thank you, Teresa

Photo from Church

For those of you that don't go to my church I want to share this photo with you. Each time that Glenn Miller our song leader ask if the kids are going to sing if they go up well here goes Syd. She has been going up since she was I would say 2 years old. The older she gets she becomes a little shy. Well you know she is my kid so she is a talker and not that shy. Her outfit was made by mom Littlest Pet Shop $35.00 with free matching hair bow.

I Want to Make This

I want to make this to match the clothes that mom makes. I think fabric headbands and hair bows are so precious.

Fun Stuff to Share

Looky at this fabric. I found at Walmart 60" wide for $1.50 a yard. I am getting Mommy to cover my chair cushions for front porch. I don't know what else. I bought the whole bolt.
I want to share this photo because when I say Syd take this to your room. She goes and leaves it in her door way. How funny....
I was taken photos and came upon this. Looks like Syd has tattoo (stickered) Dora.

Syd New Earrings

I have been seeing so many little girls with the cutest earrings in their ears. I thought well it has been a long time since Syd had her ears pierced so I want to buy new earrings. I had never taken them out since she had them pierced. I went and bought one pack. I am a person who likes to have everything to match. I couldn't afford to go out and buy ever set of earrings I saw in every style and color. I did buy one pack. The day that I went shopping with Mom and Sheila I bought these at my favorite discount store Cato's. I love shopping their for sales. I bought these ear rings for $1.00. I thought I am going to put these is Syd's ears. I sat her up on the kitchen table and took out her ear rings and before I put her in a new pair I stuck these in her ears. Then I thought photo time. Hot cute!!!!

My Precious Mother Jean

My beautiful mother
I give you the love of my life. My mother Jean. If you look close we have the same personality. I saw the clown and thought I want my photo taken with that clown. I of course well did not say anything. Well I didn't have to because MOM sure did. Here she goes, Teresa take my picture with that clown. I say okay. Then she says TERESA you want me to take your picture with that clown. So here I go. Well now she is ready for him to take his photo with someone else in the family, Here we go. Okay now the clown has been with us oh about 15 minutes and of course everyone is looking. To funny. We had fun.


Zack Man loving cotton candy
Syd in a Sponge Bob dress. We sell these for $20.00 free hairbow.
You could choose other fabric. As always free matching hair bow.
Syd did not want any where neat a clown.
Sis Sheila, Balen and look at that look from Brayden
Pam and cutie Chloe. If you remember this outfit Syd has the same one. Pam, Brandie and I went to Lexington shopping with the girls. Her and Syd dressed just alike.
Close up of our newest addition. Brayden
This is my Syd who doesn't want her photo taken.

A couple of years ago our school went on a field trip to the Shriner's Circus. All of it was free and they also gave all students free food. It was a great circus, my favorite. I had taken Tanner and Zack to Ringling Brothers when they were small. I had traveled to Lexington and Pikeville. I have to say that Shriner's Circus has them beat.

This circus was my favorite one that I had seen. My favorite was a crazy man that was doing two acts one pretending to be jumping off a diving board into a swimming pool (trampoline). The other he was doing a act with a bike that came apart.
I also enjoyed the motorcycles. It was awesome circus. My business has grown so much. I am working mom to death and she want take a break. As for my self I have been breaking to much lately. Last weekend mom and I ran around on Saturday and Sunday I visited Lelia for Mother's Day. Today I went to watch Tanner play baseball. I give thanks to Jesus because of prayers that had been given up for financial troubles in my family. It seems that it is embarrassing for money problems. We all should not feel this burden because everyone goes through troubles.
Our economy is faced daily with money problems. Each time I hear of someone losing their jobs I want to cry. Please everyone pray for families in financial crisis. I don't how I got off on this subject it went from an enjoyable evening at the circus to being Susie Orman I believe that is her name. LOL!!! I will close this post with saying we feel like we will not make it and we always do. We owe to all to Jesus. Thank you, Jesus Love you, Teresa

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Big Girl Hair Bows

Zebra $5.00
Hot Pink/Lime Green Stitch $5.00
Orange/White Stitch $5.00
Red/White Stitch $5.00
Blue/White Stitch $5.00
Pink/White Stitch $5.00
Lime Green/Pink Stitch $5.00
I made two sets of these one for a student in the 5th grade and one for Syd. I sent Syd's to PCC to sell. I always do that. Believe it or not Syd and I don't get many things mom or I make. We are too busy filling orders. I keep getting orders which we love. Mom and I love this new job. It is a hobby job. I wish during the summer they were more places to set up to sell. I will be setting up in Somerset and Hazard at Summer in the Park both are in June.
Coming soon cutest applique bibs for girls and boys, and also boy outfits. Can't wait for all of this to be finished.

Student Teacher

I have a new student teacher. I am so excited. It is fun when you get to help someone with a career that you love. I rarely ever write about my job. I am a special education teacher. I have been for 12 years. I forget how many years. I believe that is correct. My student teacher is a natural. She has just stepped right in and the kids are learning. She began with one class and then by the next week she is teaching all day. She has to move along fast because the school year is almost over. Welcome Becky to my class.....

Sydney New Hair Do!!!

Look at Syd trying her best to smile
Love this idea buy piggy bows for $8.00 a set wear them in hair or on your shoes. These were Mary Jane's I slide them under the strap. I also love these bows with her name on them. I can make this set for you. I have lots of polka dot colors.
Email me your orders.

Look here she was mad at me.

This morning I gave Syd a bath so why her hair was wet I decided to pull it all back in a pony tail. I have been trying to learn how to fix her hair. I should know but I have a hard time. 1 because she want let me. 2 because I am clueless. I was so proud this day with her hair, however she was not. She got mad at me because I yelled when we were taking the photos. She is kinda of silly by not looking at the camera. She is just being mean.
She is my Princess Sydney

Friday, May 1, 2009

Craft Show Invite

I will be setting up at a craft show sponsored by Arts in the Mountains. The show is on Saturday, May 2 from 9-5. Stop by for a visit.