Tuesday, July 29, 2008

He's Finally Here!

Loved this photo. This is mom's hand holding Brayden's foot. Precious!!!

Brayden was born on July 15. I was not there when he was born. I loaded up the kids and headed for the hospital we stayed all day and had to leave to bring Tanner home to go on a trip with his dad. Oh well, one strange thing did happen while we were waiting. Are you ready the security guard came and said we had a complaint made on us. I was in shock. Of all places to be called down. The boys were wrestling and the girls were in the hallway. I said oh I'm sorry. When I went back to visit the next day. I saw the security guard and went and apologized again. They are home now and everything is just perfect.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Peanut Butter Sandwich Cooking!

Syd wanted to get bread and peanut butter. She loved playing in the kitchen this summer. This was her creation. Ignore her spit. (Ha!)


This is GROSS!

Zack had a ear ache for over a month. The first time we went to the doctor he did not take his pills he did not like the taste. He did his own ear drops and I am sure it was not the correct way. When we visited Sandy he stayed up the first night crying until 3:00 in the morning. As soon as we got back to Hazard we went to the Vicco Primary Care Center (I love that place) so quick to get in and the most friendly and helpful workers. When Paige the PA came in and told me about Zack's ear I could of cried if I wasn't on Lexapro. I felt like the worst mom. I always try to ignore my children's sickness hoping they will get better with out going to the doctor. I thought what will I do if Zack loses his hearing. We took the medicine twice a day and ear drops twice a day. He laid in my lap and we pulled on his ear and put the drops in slow letting each one go in his ear. Okay if anyone needs to know about swimmers ear I am the doctor for that. Needless to say the ear drops started going down faster and the doctor said he was good to go. The reason I took this photo Zack wanted to see what his ear looked like. Don't you just love digital photography. Thank the Lord, Teresa

Shae's Party!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Those Beers are Not Mine!!!!

I had the privilege of getting out of the house for Shae's party. I was so excited and had the best time. We went to a comedy club. There was a little to much cussing and I cringed a few times. The comedians were so funny. I wonder if they have comedy club for Christians. I wish Shae the best marriage. She is so deserving. She is one of the kindest friends I have. She would do anything to help out a stranger that is the type of person she is.
Love ya,

Sydney with Sydney Doll

Hey Mom You're Looking Good! I will miss spending time with you one more week to reality.

This is a doll Sydney received for her 2nd birthday last year. We had a baby doll party. This doll is called My Twinn. Their is a website. Mom helped me pay for this doll. The company always has the greatest sale. Sign up for their emails and you will see. The day after Christmas for the past two years mom and I always buys gifts to put up for birthdays or Christmas gifts. When Syd and the doll got all dressed up I immediately thought picture perfect moment. Just yesterday when she started playing with the Sydney Doll she said lets take a picture she was remembering what we did.



4th of July Fun

Hey Sandy I love this photo how sweet!
Okay look at me I have gained at least 20 pounds. I have got to go on a diet.

This is the photos of the fireworks that Brent and the boys shot off. They loved it. The best was a little car once it was on fire it took off. There were fire works all around us for the three nights we stayed. You could most definitely tell we were in Tenn. The capitol of fireworks. Lelia, Syd and I also went out early on Saturday and tried to find yard sales. We found two. She both books and that was all that we found. We went to Opry Mills to the mall. We ate at Dave and Buster's this was like Gatti Town for adults. Sandy, Lelia, Syd and I went shopping. The best deals were from the Disney Store.

Sandy's House

As I began posting photos of Sandy's house I realized I hadn't taken that many. I loved the house and wish I would of taken more. Oh well, I will next time. Sandy I can't wait to come back. We do have a fall break. If Tanner and Zack have no basketball I will try to get Jon to bring us back. I loved Sandy's house it was like a mansion to me. My favorite was the crown moulding above the doors and windows. I also loved Sandy's bedroom it was beautiful. She had an awesome master bath and the closets were huge. I would of loved to have some of her clothes they were beautiful. She has really good taste. Sandy was also a good decorator. Okay Sandy I hope your head is not swelling. I am so proud of you.



Saturday, July 26, 2008

Family Moments

I love all these photos. This was the second day we were going shopping. While I was there I went to Michael's and Hobby Lobby. We went to other stores and a mall but these two were my favorite. It was the first time I had been to Hobby Lobby that was one cool store for the decorator or anyone who is crafty. Everything was on sale the summer stuff. I saw a six foot metal cross that had stakes to go into the ground. Oh I wish I could of hauled that back to Hazard Kentucky. I would of loved to put that in my yard. It was on sale for $25.00 I had never seen such a pretty cross. Now that would of made a statement for who I serve at my house. I thought I could of put wreaths on it for different holidays I could of made a flower bed around it. Oh well maybe someday I will be able to get one.

This is to Funny!

Jon is going to kill me.

Okay now can you tell I am crazy and love to take photos. I always wake up early and go back to sleep. On the 4th of July holiday we visited Jon's sister Sandy and her husband Brent. We had the best vacation. I truly have to say besides Disney World this was my favorite. I enjoyed the relaxing time that we spent there. It was nice to have help with the kids and not feel pressure that we need to do this or that. I also was so happy to finally get to see her house. I will post photos later. This is the first night that we stayed Zack has a terrible ear ache. Syd and I was the only ones to sleep that night. Jon and Granny Lelia took care of Zack. I was so out of it I didn't even know he was sick. These photos were of everyone the next morning crashed out in the family room. Syd slept with her Granny on an air mattress in the girl room waiting on her cousin Kayleigh. Sandy and Brent are adopting. Please keep them in your prayers. We are so ready for the baby.
Thanks Sandy and Brent,

Look What I Did!

I have been wanting to do this all summer. I have been a little scared. When it comes to a stove I have a major problems. I am not the cook. I was thinking the other day if that was my job I would be fired. I think if I lived before microwave food then I would of cooked. It just seems that why cook when you can by food from the freezer section at the grocery store. Do you understand what I am saying?

I bought this mold from the dollar tree. I have been seeing this project all over the internet on crafty websites. Some of Syd's crayons had melted on the front porch. I asked mom to take the paper off. Next Syd and I broke the crayons up and put them in the containers. I then place the mold in a regular cake pan so the crayons would not melt over. After they are done take them and put in the refrigerator until they cool now you are ready for the next set. A good idea to make these and give as party gifts, with valentine cared in the shape of a heart.
This was fun. A few crayons go a long way with this mold. Save your old crayons and make these someday.

Ice Tray

Wanted to post this great idea to hold markers. I keep these on the front porch for Syd. It is kinda of scary to let her use markers in the house. When she is outside I don't worry as much. I do have to help her keep the lids on her markers she doesn't under stand that concept yet.

More Front Porch Photos

As you can tell through out my blog I love my front porch. I enjoy so much sitting outside reading and listening to music. This is my newly painted front door. Red is my favorite color so my porch is always some shade of red and black. The two baskets that you see holds our Off spray, play shoes, bug catchers, spray bottles, bubbles, and garbage to be taken in. I spray painted them red. I have spray painted so much this summer I feel like by brother Clinton he has always loved to paint. Each time I go outside to paint I always think of him.

My Man!

As I was looking at photos I came across this one. I thought I needed to show Jon more. He is a little guess what (camera shy) every once in a while he will agree to have his photo taken. I guess he doesn't have a choice being around me. I love taking photos. I remember being little and looking at every detail in photographs. I am still the same way. Jon is a great guy!
Love you Jon,


Syd's New Reading Area

I have been cleaning so much. I started to get rid of this but I decided to put it at the bottom of the steps and make a cute reading area. For some reason I have always enjoyed sitting here at the bottom of the steps and read. As I brought this kid furniture down the steps I thought why not put it here for Syd. When her cousins visits they also sit with her and read.

Look at my Little Angel!

Sydney is truly my little angel. I have had the best summer reliving my childhood and playing dolls, dress up, coloring, dancing and singing. Oh I could go on and on. I am gonna miss her when school starts back. It is wonderful being a teacher getting to stay home. You get so much vacation that you can rest, clean house and have fun. It is coming to an end after next week. Oh well, it will be good to get back to school and she all my other children. I consider all the students my children also.

Two Best Friends

Tyler and Zack are two best buds! They enjoy playing basketball, playing video games, riding four wheelers, swimming, riding bikes, and of course eating. Their favorite is boneless hot Buffalo chicken bites.

Childhood Memory

Mom always put things I made on the window in our living room. I remember always making more so she would hang them up. If it was a holiday I would design projects to go with the holiday. I always have done the same with my children. I was raised by the two best parents in the world. I am serious. They always taught me to have confidence and that I could do what I wanted to do. Dad always said depend on yourself Teresa and no one else. Mom would always provide me with loving care. Everyone knows how much she still babies me well imagine how she was when I was a young girl. I remember always sitting in her lap, her waiting on me, and washing my hair probably until I was in the sixth grade. I am not kidding. She not only did these things for me but for her other 3 children. She has never worked outside of the home. Dad has always been able to let her stay at home and take the best care of her family. That is a great thing to be able to say. I am so proud of my parents.

Learning to Sew

Two years ago I decided I wanted to purchase a sewing machine for my birthday. This is the one I chose from Walmart. I haven't used it very much. I made the aprons haven't finished them. I still need to do the ties and add a couple of pockets. Please notice the scissors a good tip to label them and only use one pair to cut fabric. I of course learned this from Martha Stewart. I enjoy watching her show. I record it daily on DVR. She always makes her projects look so easy.
God Bless,

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Art Project Butterflys

This is what we used to paint with a little water and more paint.
Our finished butterflys!!
Syd was in her crafty tackle box and wanted to make a craft and I had seen this project on someones blog. We made butterflys from paper plates. I turned them over backwards and drew a butterfly with a sharpie. We used paint, construction paper, and pipe cleaners.
This is what the paint looked like.

Our Friend Michael Moore

This is our neighbor friend Michael Moore he goes to school with Zack, he use to also be in my class. He loves to be outside and ride anything from bikes, motorcycles, and the battery charged vehicles. Syd also adores him. Pam thinks he looks like Tanner when he was his age. It is great

to have good neighbors. Take Notice, look at the princess running around with no clothes on.

Cousin Chole Visit

Pam and Brandie came by to visit and get some shoes for Chloe, well guess what she didn't want to go with them she wanted to stay and play. She hadn't ate anything so we had a picnic on the front porch. Brandi gave me some juicy juice so we fill their cups up in small amounts in case they spilled it, well guess what they both did. That is okay because on the front porch you just put some water on it and it is all cleaned up. The girls love helping clean.
This is what I found. Pickles, chips, ham, cheese, crackers, apple jacks, and fruit chews. What better meal than this. I bought this tray at the Dollar Store. It is good for this and crafts.
Look at that precious baby Chloe.
Now look at this face rotten.