Sunday, September 27, 2009

Syd's Birthday Party

Beauty Salon
Mom and I taking a break. Mom made my cupcakes and pasta salad
Present Time
Syd was hugging Zack for the present he gave her.
Elizabeth Cole a special friend took photos at the party. She asked for Syd and I to take one. Love this photo
Syd's little cake
My nephew Brayden is walking
My #1 student Brooke. She is so special
My Zack Man
Since we didn't celebrate Syd's birthday the week of her birthday it seems like we have been saying Happy Birthday Sydney for ever. She had a birthday party in her class, Granny Lelia took her out for her birthday and yesterday was her main party. The party was so much fun. We started by as every one arrived they could play with play dough, work puzzles, made a craft and color. Next we ate nachos and cheese, hot dogs, pasta salad, cupcakes and ice cream. After we ate it was present time. Syd received several gifts lots of the new Strawberry Shortcake. We hurried and now on to the gym for dancing and karaoke. I also had some older girls come and help with the party. They sprayed painted hair, tattoos and fingernails. Syd had a great time. Once we finally got home and cleaned everything up it was time to start taking toys out of boxes. We had a great evening at the Miller house.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Black Gold Festival Photos

Syd and I
Brandie and Chloe
Davida and Haley
Mamaw Teresa and Lexie
Angie and Hope
Kim and Autumn
Briana and her two her girls Ashlyn and Raigen
Misty and Jaden
Tracy and Taylor
Sisters Montana and Haley
Jessica and Madison
Sandy and Taylor
Barb and Allyssa
Crystal with Donielle and Chelsea

Our Cheer Uniforms

View of skirt we added the hot pink star
Love this uniform
Front zebra star and hot pink M for Mustangs
Look at my cheerleader
We ordered our cheer uniforms from cheerleading We got everything for $60.00 a uniform, hairbow, socks, poms. The uniforms came with no lettering. It would of taken a longer time to get them. I decided I would design the lettering. Mom cut out the stars and the M. Brenda Dunsil who I have blogged about many times before is sewing the letters on the uniforms. I couldn't wait so she finished one uniform for me today. We will get the rest finished this weekend. They are going to look so cute in these uniforms.

First Game

My little cheerleader Syd Miller
Preschool Cheerleaders
Kindergarten Cheerleaders
1st Grade Cheerleaders
2nd Grade Cheerleaders
I just got home and couldn't wait to post the photos from our first game. We had a ball. All the girls had fun and that is what matters most. It is not about being the best it is about happiness. As long as we go through life with Jesus in our hearts that is what matters the most. We build memories that last a life time. I cheered for 9 years I will always remember the friendships I developed because of cheerleading. Thanks mom for allowing me to have the memories. Cheerleaders are like sisters. I want all 24 of my girls to love each other as sisters.

Tanner and Syd

These photos were taken at the cross country meet. Tanner showed up and surprised us. We were so happy to see him. Now that he is a 16 year old he has to much to do with his friends. He will be going for his drivers license. I hope he passes. We will post about that later.

Zack Cross Country 1st Place Two in a Row

For the past two weeks we have had two races. The races were at R.W. Combs and Buckhorn both races Zack has came in 1st place and he is way up front. I am so proud of my little man.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Syd's Preschool Class

Syd's friend Hannah Estep
I had to get some photos for the Hazard Hearld Newspaper. So I went around school and found preschool. These are precious. Look for Syd!!!

Syd's Birthday Party

Sunday, September 20, 2009