Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Work Studio

Under the table work baskets and my feet prop. Notice the leg warmers
I can never get to work on them.
My IPod Docking Station
Lots of bottle caps do you see yours
Table made from my dad, Notice laptop I have been watching the View on so funny
Just moved this book shelf it holds more ribbon

Someone Used my Camera

I don't know who did this, however I did get a photo that I didn't take. I believe it must have been Mattie because Zack's head is in the photo. Wonder it is a mystery. This is Tyler being Tyler. I thought this was funny.

Having Fun While Mommy Works

Tried to get him in mid air
Zack decided to make a slide. Extremely dangerous what if that cushion moves he is going to hit his head. I guess he will learn. That is what life is all about.
Of course he said mom take a picture
We have this huge room above the garage. Jon designed it. My brother Tommy from Brewer Construction did an awesome job building it and adding it to the end of the house. It was hard because of the angles. The ceiling is high but the walls on one side are not. The story is this room stays a mess. It is my work space, Zack's wrestling ring, The game system stays in here. Also Syd plays up here. It has a hide a way bed that stays out sometime. It is a room for the kids and let me tell you they take full advantage. I must confess sometimes I will go up and start screaming. I have even cried because of such a mess. What's a mother to do when their children does not listen?? Please answer that for me.

New Stuff

What pretty color?? outfit $35.00 comes with matching hair bow
Outfit $35.00 free matching hair bow

Edward Twilight $5.00
Hannah Montana $5.00

Matching Hannah Flops $15.00

Summer bow to match all summer colors $5.00

Mom and I are always coming up with new designs. It is so much fun for both of us. When I don't have work for mom she gets the opportunity to work on what she likes. She is doing a great job coming up with designs. You are going to love all the new stuff. If you need a birthday gift email me and I will have it wrapped and ready to deliver. I can deliver for you or you can pick it up at my house. Orders take one week to process, however if you need it sooner I will get it ready in one day or less according to your order.

Sleeping Beauty

This was a picture perfect moment. Syd was eating fliped over in a chair and a minute later she fell asleep. I then grabbed the camera. Being a kid you don't care fall asleep anywhere.

Bee Outfit

Close up of two layer pants
T-shirt dress
Close up of bumble bee hair bow $5.00 alone free with outfit.
Flops $15.00
Bumble bee 3 piece outfit $35.00 t-shirt dress, pants, hair bow.
This is a custom order bumble bee outfit

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Best Model Mrs. Keepsake in Memories Tanner Brown

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

It's baseball time. Tanner is playing for Perry Central, so of course Syd has to have clothes. If you have a girl and would like a baseball outfit email me.

Flip Flops & Jewerly

This is photos of my shop. This is clothes mom has designed. We have several different sizes
Hannah Montana bottle cap necklace
Haley bracelet
Necklace and bottle cap bracelet
Photo Flops $15.00
Twilight Flops $15.00
Photo flops $15.00

The Flower Garden

Hats $4.00 with flower $7.00
Hat $4.00 with flower $8.00

Flower $4.00 with flower $8.00
PCC Flower $4.00
Jonas Brothers $4.00 flower
Jonas Brothers $4.00
$3.00 Flower Clip
Red Flower Clip $4.00
Hot Pink Flower Clip $4.00
Orange Flower Clip $4.00
Yellow Flower Clip $4.00
Green Flower Clip $3.00

Mexican Food

Photo inside the restaurant
My beautiful mother Jean
My sweetie daughter Syd

For those of you who do not know. My husband Jon and brother Tom have a Mexican Restaurant in the shopping center at Walmart in Jackson. They are opened Monday-Saturday closed Sunday's. If you are driving that way please stop by. They have been opened going on two years this July. A little strange how time goes. We have great service and as always great food.