Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going to Church!

This was the last photo I took before leaving. She was mad and had enough of photo taking. She was being mean. Syd is like this. She hardly ever lets me take her photo. The boys were totally different they always would cooperate, but not my princess.

Love this dress. It came from JC Penny's. It would be perfect for Walt Disney World or a Minnie Mouse Costume. I am blessed every time I go to church with Sydney. She always wants to take her bible, a purse full or toys and snacks. She actually goes and picks one out before she goes out the door. This is probably her favorite thing to do get a purse and fill it full of stuff. I have everything organized in baskets so it does cause me to stay busy cleaning those purses out and putting back in the correct basket and also picking them up all through out the house. When Syd goes to church she loves to go up front with the older girls and stand there and sing. Mostly she just puts her hands in her pockets, clap her hands, or tap her foot. This day the music was not ready. She had to stand up there and wait. She became tired and walked down and came to me and said the music want work. The church was really quite we all laughed was an enjoyment. I told her to go back and get Steve to get the music going. She went back there and just looked at him. I can't wait until she will sing Jesus Loves Me in front of the church. I will be so blessed. The best parent advice I could give is to take your children to church. I thank Steve Howard for inviting Tommy to church and on down the family strings that had me to attend church. I never will forget the day that I joined Upper Second Creek Baptist Church. I had no clue what was happening. My sister Sheila was going to be baptised this day. I went up to the alter and was saved. Densmore asked when do you want to be baptised I said today. I hadn't seen anyone be baptised in so long I forgot. I did not have a clue what was going to happen. The big thing I did not bring extra clothes. I went home wet. I also did not get to invite my family to observe. Jon was not even there. The moral of this story you never know when Jesus is calling your name. Just be sure and answer it will be the greatest day of your life.
God Bless,

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ideas for First Birthday!

I wanted to share these two things. The first one is letters bought from Walmart and decoupaged scrapbook pattern paper on the front. I also painted each one a different color. After this I put photos in small square tags of Syd, Zack and Tanner on them. I also used stickers and embellishments for each one. Look at the ribbon they have a hanger made from ribbon stapled to the back and then I made a bow and hot glued on top of that. The second photo of is Syd's first birthday it was a small home party Care Bears. I bought this frame at Walmart and had everyone that came to sign the mat. After this I put my four favorite photos in the frame. Just was taking photos through the house and thought I would share these two items.

Master Bathroom

Rugs (Burlington Coat Factory) Syd's step stool (Brewer's Trading Post) Curtain ignore should not be there but serves the purpose.
Vanity and matching medicine cabinet a steal $250.00 (Lowe's) it was off to side met up with a good sales man and it was going to the Miller's house.
Counter Top same as kitchen. Hooray love this.

The border around the shower is how I decided on the design. This was the easiest way because I just got the colors in the border.
Notice the white ceiling this was the best price tile I bought. This is what you use for the ceiling.

I will let you know that I studied tiled showers on the Internet for a long time to design this simple shower.
This is the floor you have to get small tiles this comes in sheets for the floor. See the silver drain that is what caused me owe a lot of money. That is the whole reason for the remodel. Our drains kept on clogging up. I hope they stay clear of my hair.
Notice the $1.00 shoe boxes my favorite organizing containers. They all all through out my house. The reason I have decided on these. I don't like when you need more of something and you can't find what matches these are always at Walmart. I realize they are not as pretty as baskets. This is what works for me.
Door to shower instead of a curtain. I like this better.

Mirror (Marshalls), Vase(Garden Ridge), Towel Holder and Towel (Walmart)
Fabric Box and Clock (Hobby Lobby) Lamp (Yard Sale)
Metal Vases (Pebbles) Flowers (Walmart) Basket Holds Jon's magazines me look at the first one, Toilet paper holder this hangs over the commode at Burlington Coat Factory. I had never seen one of these before. I decided on this one so I didn't have to ask Jon to hand another nail. He hates that. I have also saw these at Walmart.
This was hard to design and find materials. I didn't quite understand what to get and of course it took a few Lowe's to get it all. Also when the tile man came and Tom said I got the expense tile. I did not know I could of saved money on this project. Tom loves these. I was not for sure about this. I thought just put a stand up shower the old kind in what does it matter. After using this shower I have changed my mind. It feels like I am in a spa resort. Ha! I love this. It turned out really nice. This photo shows the two corner shelves. Lowe's did not have much to choose from for shower accessories.
This holder came from Lowes in Corbin. I thought I would need more room to hold things. Look it is about empty. The two shelves would of been enough.

I hadn't taken photos of this part of my house so last night I thought why not. I am still not finished decorating. I still need a roman shade made. I have the curtain to use but not went to get it fixed. The colors match my bedroom. I am happy with the way it has turned out.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Paper Dolls

I found an idea in one of my favorite magazines Family Fun. I have been getting this magazine for the past 15 years. I had kept all issues and took them to my classroom to store. Last year I got rid of all of them except for the holiday issues. Last year through PTA I had a code for anyone to get the magazine for $5.00 a year. These paper dolls were the American Girl. I had bought them at Hospice, Mountain Mission or Goodwill. I found them while cleaning this summer and could not wait to do this project. It took a few times of printing to get the right size to fit on the dolls heads. I laminated them and the clothes. Next I hot glued magnets to them and their clothes. I chose Syd's favorite girl friends. Her Granny Lelia, Granny Jean, Cousin Chloe, Mommy Teresa, Babysitter Monek, and Best Friend Mattie. Now isn't this just great. I put them on a picture stand in the kitchen to take this photo. Actually they look really good as a decoration. I think this would be neat to do one for each family member or for a child that lives far away to remember their family.

Eating Ice Cream

Zack has been eating ice cream like this lately. Syd saw him went and got her a spoon and joined in the fun. One good hint don't never ask for ice cream when you come to my house for a visit. This is the red neck way to eat ice cream. Don't follow Zack's tip on eating ice cream.

Family Night

Look how sweet. Syd did not want her photo taken.
Look at his face. I am going to crop this and blow up to 8 X 10.
This was Syd before coming in. I dared her to not go into the house until I was ready to follow her straight to the bathroom to take a bath. This was the dirtiest she had ever been.

Last weekend I did nothing. I just went from room to room lost bored. This weekend was not going to be the same. I decided I wanted a family night. Mom went and bought pizza from Pizza Hut. We ate and then went outside. I had planned on having a yard sale the first of every month all through the summer. Well that did not happen. I only had one the first of June. I had so much for a yard sale I could of opened a store. It was overwhelming to say the least. Brandie, Sheila and I went through and got out items for different people we knew. I boxed up more to take to the new Goodwill. So our family party ended up cleaning up yard sale items. The kids had fun.

Brandie and Chloe!

Brandie and Chloe went to their cousin Jon's wedding. After the wedding they came to the house for a family night. I had to take their photo. They looked so GOOD with their matching clothes.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Want to Make A Quilt

I went to Walmart a while back and picked out several different fabrics that Syd would like. I chose Dora, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Disney Princess, and several others. I have found these two photos from the Internet I just want something simple. Trimmed in white and backed with hot pink. My question is how do you know what size blocks to make for the quilt? If you know please let me know so I can add another project to my to do list. One more thing! check back next week for some teaching activities I have done with my classroom. Also photos of how I set up my classroom this year. I will be getting some technology for my classroom which is really exciting. It is so hard because of funds. Last year Whitaker Bank gave me $250.00 for my classroom to go towards a projector and an document camera. Busy, Busy, Busy, Fun, Fun, Fun. Another thing(Ha) I signed Zack up for TACKLE football oh no! and Tanner started lifting weights after school for basketball today.

Bottle Cap Necklaces $5.00 each

This is a sample of some of the bottle cap necklaces that I have been designing. I can design with photos, sports, names, and any other creative design that you can think of. Just email or call me to order.

Getting Ready For Fall Festivals

I will be having a craft booth at the Gingerbread Festival. I am working extra hard planning, designing, and making hair bows, etc. for my booth. It is late almost 1:00 a.m. I had a late nap so I am up late. My booth will be decorated with black/red colors. This is a photo that I designed to put in the booth to show off my designs. Please come and visit me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of School

It had rained the night before so Syd said she wanted a rain coat. This was the closest thing to a rain coat. We do have rain boots. What a fashionable outfit.
Michael Jordan fans.
Mommy Teresa looking so skinny!!!!!
This is one of my good friends she was transferred to R.W. Combs this year. Glad to be working with Becky.
This is my cousin Donavin Brewer. He is my Uncle Darwin's grandson. Keith's son. It is such a pleasure to get to see him at school. I am so glad that his parents chose R.W. Combs as his school. Of course it is the best school in the county. Love this photo such a good first day of school photo.

Each morning for the first day of school I took on the tradition from my childhood of mom always taking photos of that first day. I do the yearbook at school so taking photos is not just taking photos of my kids but also the kids at school. It is so much fun. It never changes the anxiety thinking of the first day even when you are a parent or a teacher. It is an amazing feeling seeing all the kids and their parents that you haven't been in contact with for the past two to three months. It is the best feeling getting all the smiles and hugs from the students. Those are the true ones. I communicate better with children than adults. I guess I am more on their level. They are so true in their thoughts. Most tell you like it is. I always say if you want to know ask a child. The photos that were blurry looking was because it was so humid on my camera lens. I guess I will know now to wipe it off and take the photos quick. My outfit was only $12.00. I love shopping at Cato's mom and I go there and buy clothes five dollars of less. That way I sure get lots of new clothes. I can buy clothes from both sides women's and plus sizes that makes it better. I spent so much time in there. I also like shopping there because the clothes are all colorized. If you need a certain color of shirt to match a skirt or pants you just go to that section and find the color you need. Also check out the jewelry section in the clearance the best prices. I use the toe rings as Sydney's rings because you can just push them together to get the right size and they are sterling silver.

Swimming at Tab's :)

Believe it or not it took a while to get these four to be in a straight line and look at the camera.
This was the first time all summer that Syd got off the steps of the pool. She sung Row Row Row Your Boat. Look at Tab and Mattie.
How cute is this little man, my nephew Balen Campbell. He is not scared of the water. He goes all over the pool.
Zack also learned how to swim this summer. He did not quit. All the boys got out of the pool to play video games. Zack did not get out.

I knew it was back to school time so I decided to go swimming one last time for the summer. Sheila, Devin and Balen also came with us.