Friday, October 23, 2009

Girls Cheerleaders

Mamaw Jean and her little cheerleader Syd
Again Syd was a little mean or had a bad attitude when I was taking these photos.
Would not look at the camera in this photo.
Would not smile
Grabbed the megaphone and made a face.
Picture perfect shot the best one.

This isn't the whole squad. I had several out sick today. After I took the photos and went to the doctor I am also now have Type A flu. I want to share with everyone. All I have is a common cold. My eyes are watering but nothing any different. I have no fever or body aches. If you get sick please go and get checked. You never know. I would of never thought I had the flu. Hopefully I will not get any sicker. I have felt fine all evening. God Bless all my little cheerleaders. We will take another photo to get all 24 girls in the photo.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Holliday Farm

Nacho and Cheese
Feeding the goats
Painting Pumpkins
These pumpkins were huge and sold for $60.00.
This was a cute picture

Syd and Granny Lelia
Syd and Chloe after falling down. At least I got a true happy smile

They are laughing because they lost their balance and fell down.
This was our first photo and my favorite of the day
The Fall
Going down, Look at Chloe's face
This past Sunday I took a trip to Holliday Farm with Chloe, Syd and Granny Lelia. Everyone else in the family was busy. I am hoping we can all go back again with Balen. Our family has been attending farm days for many years. Our routine take pictures, pick out a pumpkin, paint the pumpkin, hay ride, and then a snack. This year was no different. The farm did have a new slide I didn't take the girls over to it. Maybe next time. One thing I do want to share while on the hay ride I look down at my shoe and what do I see POOP on my shoe. I was so mad and couldn't wait to get off the hay ride and find me a stick. So if any one has an extra pair of tennis shoes I would like them donated to me. I need them. They were my cheerleading shoes.

Syd's Birthday Gift Dune Buggy

Zack teaching Syd to ride
Love this one
Just getting started
This was when she was scared. She just sat in the dune buggy.

This was Syd's big present for her birthday. The day after her birthday party I gave it to her. I had it stored at my brother Tommy's house. When we first gave it to her she was scared. She would not have any part of it. She then found two small mud holes. She loves playing in mud. I was never one to play in mud, however I do love that she likes to. During my childhood I was a big baby. Well I guess you could say I still am. I must admit I do like to get my way.

Cross Country County Finals

Top Ten Boys
Zack crossing the finish line
Dylan, Noah and Zack and coach Gail
Zack and I before his race. Yes I look so different my hair is dark and shorter
Zack before the race

Zack did it. 1st place in the county. There were around 50 boys in K-4 grade in his division. I was so proud. It was so exciting. I can not express the joy we had from this victory. Memories come back from Jon's first cousin David. He died in a car accident. He was an awesome runner who also won a county championship. I believe 6th grade. David and his father Jon's uncle Dennis worked so hard together to prepare David for races. Dennis traveled with David several places in Kentucky to run. He went to Cordia high school and ran on their cross country team. I hope some day Zack gets to run in high school.

Brandie Is My New Neighbor

I am so excited all in one week Brandie is now my neighbor. There is only one house at the end of my street and now Brandie and Roger are the proud owner. I guess you could say that I am the proud neighbor. I now have a best friend living next to me. I am so happy. Syd and Chloe will get to grow up right next to each other. The first night they stayed at their house we had a fire and made hotdogs. Sheila came up with her kids. Sheila and I had more fun than anyone. We loved sitting there. It was so peaceful spending time with her outside. I tried to tell a scary story, however it didn't make since and it didn't scare anyone. To funny.