Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Family Party

Hey Mom I hope you had fun. When we played hide-n-seek she found us. I believe she peaked she found me quick.
We hid bugs, snakes and they found them. This was so much fun. The next day Syd ask to find bugs.
Brandie is so ready for the new baby boy. Please pray for a healthy baby boy and for Brandie. I can't wait it will be like I am getting my second grand child.
This was the first time to roast hotdogs with these three. They loved it. I decided to just let them eat off the sticks.
A group photo. These photos were all taking at Tom's and Pam's house.

Jon went on a fishing trip and I was bored so I decided to plan a family sleep over. No one stayed all night except my nephew Devin. Everyone said that they had to sleep in their own bed. Oh well, we had the best time ever.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tab's Mom Billie Please Pray

Jesus Please take care of Billie.

Tab's mom, whom I love like a mommy and is a mommy to me. She so sick. She had surgery at Whitesburg ARH. They sent her home yesterday evening. Last night Tab called and we got her admitted to Hazard ARH she has had a bad night. Tab is afraid that maybe when she had surgery the doctor didn't know how to do her surgery. I am asking for everyone to pray for her. I have been up most of the night not being able to sleep because I am home with just Syd alone. All the boys are gone. Tab just called at 5:30 scared. I wonder what is going to happen. I just told myself that everything will be alright. Please pray for healing for Billie and Tab's strength to continue to be strong and take care of her mom.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our House-Kitchen

This is our kitchen. I planned all of it. I love the way it turned out. The cabinet on the left next to the fridge keeps my cleaning supplies, and garbage can. On the right of course is the medicine cabinet. I love the cabinet for the microwave, directly under that is the silver ware, utensil drawer. The cabinet under that keeps my favorite paper and plastic eating tools. I keep them low so the kids can reach them. When Syd wants to eat she will go get a plate, fork, cup, and straw and says "I'm hungry".

Our Home-Syd's Room

As I was taken photos I thought I would share these two photos. The first one is dolls that were mine and mom's when we were little. If you look close you will see mom's baby sweater and a photo of her wearing it. I am happy that she chose me to give it to. I have kept it waiting to share with a baby girl. The second is my tea set, my Granny Brewer bought this for me before she died. I was 3 or 4 I believe when she died. Mom and Dad always talked of how much she loved me. I have a few photos of us.

Junk Store Purchase Today

I have been studying and planning Syd's 3rd birthday which is not until September. I think I may plan a princess tea party. I have been seeing cupcake holders for the food. I found this today for $4.00 how cute. It came with toppers pumpkin, rabbit, snowman, and happy birthday. I thought that is cute I want to put something in it. I decided on hair bows. How cute is this? I have on my to do list for tomorrow to go and buy more of these. It will be easy to take apart and store. I may put one on my desk at school who knows what I can do with these.

Our House-My favorite part

Through all the remodel my favorite part is getting this fancy high tech piece of equipment. So surprising I have never had a dishwasher. I love this so easy. Just load and put a square of detergent and that's it so easy get out and put in the cabinets. Can't go wrong with this purchase.

Our House-Kitchen-China Cabinet

Baskets mostly from Pebbles, one on top left came from Lelia I cried when she gave it to me. It is Longaburger only one I have ever had. Would love to buy more. ( Hint my friend Kathy)

My family photos. Love came from Walmart day after Christmas Sale. The picture in the middle has our names written in the shape of a cross a Christmas gift from Greg and Emily.
The Noah's Ark is Boyds Bear had a long time. I use to collect them.
A cookie jar from mom. Raggedy Ann doll I collect.

This is a china cabinet/pantry when I first found the photos of what I wanted my cabinets to look like. I picked one out that had a pantry like this one. There was curtains put in the doors to cover the food. I thought this was neat nothing I had seen before. I had intended on using it this way but now I thought this was to nice to put food in so I use it as a china cabinet for now. Who knows someday I may want to use it as a pantry. Today was the first day I decided to fix it up. I had done the top and bottom shelf and was happy with them. I have been looking for dishes to put in there but haven't been able to find exactly what I am looking for. Since I have been cleaning and in the decorating mood I though Teresa just put what you have in there and let it be. I do love the way it turned out. It is good to decorate with what you have. Saves money too.

Junk Store IPod Docking Station

There is an awesome junk store in Lothair it is ran by Lanny Cornett. He is a super nice guy. He gets returns from business like Kmart, Big Lots, Lillion Vernon, etc. I usually go by once a month or so. Today I found this docking station for a IPod. Yes that is my IPod. It was Tanner's he got a new one for Christmas IPod ITouch so he gave me this one it is a video. The cover that you see came from the dollar tree. I have about 400 songs downloaded. I have a variety of music. I also have Syd & Zack music on there. I got this for $15.00 what a deal.

Our House-Hallway

This is one of my favorite decorations. It is three bulletin boards from Walmart. Tom put trim around them painted them white. Next I bought letters from Michael's Craft Store in Lexington mom painted them black for me, blank frames with a photo of each of the kids. I also took scrapbook paper from the Dollar Tree it was small sheets that you frame your photos with for scrapbook pages. Since they were coordinating papers they worked great. I put them in a checkerboard pattern. I post the children's art projects, report cards, photos, and awards. I love these they are so colorful.

Our Home-Living Room

This wall was taken out and columns put in. I love it this way so you can watch TV and eat from the table.

I am home tonight with just Syd. Tanner is with Scott, Zack is with Sheila, and Jon is fishing. I have been cleaning house so I thought I would take some photos of my house. This is my living room. My gold is really bright. I had previously painted my upstairs family room gold and I wanted a brighter gold color. It reminds me of the Mexican restaurant in Jackson. When we first had it painted it was gold, gold. I do love it now but wasn't for sure until I had my furniture. I have also not hung anything on the wall. I am waiting to be sure that the furniture is in the right place. Pam helped me with my decorating. I would go and buy something and then she would come and look. Then I would take it back. I should of took her with me. My main colors are gold and red.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sydney's Hair

I love to fix Syd's hair when she lets me. It is not her favorite thing to do. I found a couple of blogs that had hair styles for little girls. This one was real easy to do. I put matching hairbows at the end of her pigtails.

Digging in Dirt

Its my Zack-Man.
I believe Syd didn't like to get dirty.
Brotherly Love

I had extra dirt and decided to fill a flower pot with it and add snakes and frogs. Syd. didn't really care to much for this activity. She wanted to jump like a frog.

Balen Campbell

Look at that face. He had just fell on the concrete. He has a bad looking face now.

Just looking through photos to write post about and saw this one. I think this is the cutest little man around. He is going to be such a heart breaker. He talks up a storm just like Syd. He wanted to stay right with me today when we ate at Ponderosa for lunch. I love when he says "I love you Teresa" it is so sweet. He was born about 5 weeks early and it was scary not knowing if he would have to be rushed out to a different hospital when he was born. He is a miracle. Thank you Jesus!

Crafty Time

Look at that glue dripping.
What a happy face.
These are headbands I have been making. I have also been making hair bows. I can make cheerleading ones also. If you know of anyone who would like to order some I am selling them. I want to sell at the Gingerbread Festival, and college craft festival at Christmas. I use to sell when I was pregnant with Tanner and before I started teaching. I love making crafts and making money.
Sydney found her crafty box and decided to go through her supplies. She wanted to glue with the glue sticks and they were dried up. So I decided to teach her to use squirt glue. I couldn't find any paper so I found wrapping paper which ended up being the best. I turned it on the wrong side so it would be blank. I cut pictures from Parents Magazines and she glued them down. I told her all she needed was one drop of glue. Of course that wasn't enough for her. She used more. I figured we would never be able to quit, but finally she said she was finished. We had a great time. It is so easy to entertain a child her age. I forgot to mention why Syd has no clothes on she wants to go around with her shirt off like her brothers. The other day I talked her into wearing a muscle tank top like her brothers. It was some Zack had out grown and I kept for her. She loved them.

My Cousin Max

Look at this. Holding hands.Jon was happy to see Max don't Max look like a Miller.
Loved this photo had to share of course!!!!!!!!!!

Lelia and Arthur had the honor to babysit Max. We love getting to see him. He lives in Lexington so it is not to often that we get to visit with him. He is growing so much. He can now sit up by him self. I loved seeing him reach for his toys and get them to play with. Sydney loved getting to hold him. He is bigger than she is. He also looks like Zack when he was his age. To Emily and Greg, please let Max come back to see us real soon. I wish he could of stayed longer. I will send Tanner and Zack for a week to trade in for Max. Ha!!!!!! I believe you would get the rough end of the deal. They talk and ask for to much.

Chloe's Favorite Part of the Day

Chloe had the best time when she got the water hose and was able to spray it. She laughed and tried to spray Sydney. We fill storage bins with water. It is a perfect size for a pool.

Painting Outside

We were painting caterpillars from egg cartons.

Brandie was in the hospital and Pam had to run errands. Chloe and Derek got to stay with me for a while. We painted outside, played in the water, dirt, and threw rocks. Sheila and her children came up to visit and we all ate together. We had a good family day.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Dad!!!!

Happy Father's Day!!!! This is the only photo I have on my computer, but what better one you as a cutie in your younger years. Wonder how old you are here? You are still as young as this photo. You always have such a good outlook on life. It has inspired me to be the same. I think often of my childhood staying with you all the time playing cards, going on road trips for furniture and listening to the awful music when I wanted to listen to rock n roll. Those cheese sandwiches with mayo and taking the seeds out of watermelon. Most of all those scratches on my legs from your toenails and those slaps and squeezes on my knees. Oh yeah! hide n seek and you making loud noises and scaring me to death. Don't forget meeting you at the door and taking your shoes off. Oh yeah! the teeth caring them to the bathroom and putting 2 of those pills in them. Have fun each day and you are as old as you feel. Thanks for everything and remember I am always daddy's little girl. I am what I am today because of you. Let's have a party today at the lake, ride the boat, eat pizza and dessert at 6:00.

Love & God Bless,


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Fun with Granny-Mamaw Jean

This was a sticky cross you pull the paper off and it is a sticker. You then put what you want on it we put buttons. This was a practice for Vacation Bible School.
Before I left for a meeting and mom was going to watch Sydney I put up a clothesline in the kitchen. I then put baby clothes of Syd's that I had kept for her to put on her baby dolls. She practiced putting clothes on the clothes line and take them down.
I saw this idea on the Internet. You take a cupcake holder cut it as show then glue a ball in the middle and we put a pipe cleaner on the back. A craft stick would of been better but we didn't have any.
Loved this idea. I saw this on the internet. My neighbor was having a yard sale. I asked her how much this make up holder was and she let Syd have it. I saw this on the internet I put together a crafy kit for her. She mostly likes to look at the supplies right now. She takes them out and back in. She loves it as much as I do.

Sydney always calls mom Granny but all the rest of the grand kids call her mamaw. Oh well, I had a meeting and I left some crafty projects for them to do.

Bible School Projects

This is my new TV stand. I have decided when we get birthday cards, or any projects, trophies that the kids receive that we will put them here for a while to display them. I feel that we do projects and we should display them as a piece of art.
This project was really simple. I got foam swords from dollar tree and foam letters. This was fun for all ages.
This project was for the babies. It was a special saying and the teachers traced Sydney's hands.
Sand art-Cindy Baird the nursery leader came up with this one. She was going to teach but bible school date was changed she already had vacation date set. Lois Miller and Deloris Collier was Sydney's teachers they did an awesome job. Every evening after bible school Sydney came out with all the stuff she made to show me. She was so excited.
This is a craft I copied from my sister-in-law Emily Miller. She just graduated from Eastern Ky. University with a teaching degree. She made one for my mother-in-law Lelia. You need a flower pot, stones, ink pens, green floral wrap, and flowers. You put the flower at the top of the ink pen and wrap with the floral tape until you get to the end. This was a little tricky for the kids that did understand how to wrap. Some were wrapped a few times in the same place. Oh well, I loved this project. We just put foam fish stickers around the bottom. If you would like you could make this using a bigger pot and put hand prints around.
This was a dollar frame, with a piece of scrapbook paper inside and foam Noah's Ark stickers from Oriental Trading. Easy, Easy but so cute.

This year I helped with the crafts for babies, preschool, kindergarten, first-second, third fourth. I will post photos of a few of the projects.