Monday, August 31, 2009

I Have Gone Cheer CRAZY!!!!

I decided I would coach the mini mustangs and now we are the mini mustangs/girls cheerleaders. I have 25 girls between the age of 3 to 2nd grade. I am ready for the challenge. We are going to be good and cute and the main thing we are going to have fun. That is what cheerleading is all about. I believe building friendships that last a lifetime.
My best friend Tab Pratt Collins is also coaching cheerleaders at RW. She is the boys varsity coach. She is also ready for the challenge. Hopefully I will get to post some photos of the girls real soon. All of the following photos I have copied from the internet to get ideas. I have not coached or been part of cheerleaders in 15 years. I had decided that I would be a cub scout leader and a boys basketball mom. Now that I have Syd that has changed. Cheerleading here we come. Hurray!!!!!

This photo will be me and my 25 girls. Can't wait

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Syd's First Day of School

Syd's friend Hannah
Jeanette and Syd
Syd's teacher Mrs. Brenda and future teacher little Miller
This is before I took her to her class. She got this book off my shelf and
I thought perfect picture prop.
Close up of school necklace for Syd.
Side view of her curls.
Back of her hair her curls reminded me of a beauty pageant hair style.
I used curl formers from Sally's
Syd and I before we left the house
Full length shot. Mom made her teacher dress
Look at my school girl
This is most definitely Little Teresa
Photo with big brothers
Love this one. I will be framing this one.

1st Day of School for Tanner, Zack and Me

Tanner is now a Sophomore, Zack is back in the 3rd grade and I am going to my 13th year of teaching. Time flies by when you are in a school. It seems a brand new school year is always exciting it is like Christmas on the first day, seeing all the children and co-workers that you have not seen in two/three months. What other job gives you that much off? I love it. I was so ready for school to start back I love school. Being at RW is the best. I thought I would list some of my extra jobs. 1. Girls Varsity Cheer Coach 2. Yearbook 3. PTA President and 4. Public Relations for our school. I love all of them well I would like to cross off number 3 on my list. That one gets busy some times and it is hard to do my other job duties.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Getting Ready for Preschool

I bought these curlers they are curl formers. I saw on someones blog about them. I found them at Sally's. This evening is the first time using them. Syd will be sleeping in them tonight and hopefully tomorrow it will have big curls. I will post the results later.

Preschool Open House

This is Elizabeth Cole a co-worker and special friend. She is with my favorite little girl Brooke
This is outside of Syd's class looking for her name. She can recognize the S and spell her name
This is some of the preschool students
Syd playing with Lego's.
Elizabeth and Syd playing with play dough.
Look out preschool here comes Sydney Miller. I realize that after tomorrow her life will never be the same. She will be going to school everyday growing and learning about academics and life. I love school of course I am a teacher. I have been going to school since 3 years old. I went to a head start program and then on to RW Combs. I have my masters, and rank 1. I will always be in school until I retire and then I plan on going back to substitute during retirement. I hope Syd also likes school. I know it will be fun. She will be attending preschool in the morning and then to childcare from 11:30-3:00 I will pick her up after school.