Monday, June 29, 2009

Craft Show Somerset, Kentucky

Me after decorating from 12:00-6:00. It took me forever
I posted this photo twice sorry
Finally a boy design
New headbands these can be removed from the band to wash
Zebra purses $10.00 each
Flower decorations I got from CVS it was their spring decorations
I use also as a photo display of models
This was also a hot selling item $3.00 each or 4 for $10.00
Photo of booth
Best seller at show hats $4.00 each
Tanks $10.00, Crayon Apron $15.00
Interchangeable headbands solids $3.00, prints $5.00
Bottle cap bracelets $5.00
Bottle caps $3.00 alone $5.00 on necklaces
Necklace and bottle cap display
I Spy bags, customers loved these
Lady bug bib $10.00
Dora baby gown $10.00
Sets of baby bows and baby dress $15.00 each
Daisy Flower decoration bought at Hazard Big Lots
Baby Gown $10.00 and bumble bee bib $10.00
Hair bow wreath
Two outfits hanging from tent
Hair bow holders $6.00 each
Curtains made my mommy
Photo of my peg boards Jon made
Close up of hair bows
Before I left town I went to Family Dollar and bought a bunch of butterfly's
My banner made by Brian Couch
Flops for sale $15.00
My models in a frame I bought at Hobby Lobby
Another frame
Close up photo of rings $5.00
I had a special friend Gena Goodrich and member of Arts in the Mountains invite me to share a room and set up at a craft show. The show was at the Center for Rural Development. The show was Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The show had lots of people to attend, however I did not sell that much. I was disappointed. To sell my merchandise you have to get the right customer. Either they love it or they say they don't have any girls or children. I did have a great time. I attend two workshops. My favorite was setting up a website. I thought it would cost several hundred dollars. It is around $20.00 a month. I want to get to work on this.
Something else on my to due list.

Summer Fun to Share

Look at Syd's hair both of us selected a flower for her to wear to the pool
Syd found a old potty seat so she put it in a chair and pretended to use the bathroom

Flower working project
Another shot of work in progress. I made around 100 flowers for two days last week

Summer Fun

This photo is to funny. Syd saw Alex do this well of course she copied
Look at Derek how cute!

Monday, June 22, 2009


couple of weeks ago I signed Syd up for United Cheer Starz. I hope that she will learn with this squad and have fun.

Setting up Work Area

I always need to work and Syd needs to play. What's a mother to do? I just drag everything to the garage and work while she plays. I will post photos tomorrow of flowers I have been making. They are so precious.

Swimming Pool

I love these pools they are my favorite. I guess because mom always bought them every summer. This one is actually Sheilas. Mom went to meet her and brought it back. The kids had a good time. I did have to change Syd's clothes today at least 4 times.