Monday, February 1, 2010

Syd's Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Costume

Hey look at these photos. As you can see Syd didn't want to take the time to try this on for me or take her photo. My cheerleaders are going to be Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders but black/white/and pink. We haven't gotten the vest made.

Christmas at the Miller's 2009

Christmas morning. Syd is wearing a gown from Gymboree. Love this I believe we will have the same gown again next year. It was a little big.
Zack is ready. I had each of them take their photo in front of the tree before we opened presents. I knew how to get photos.Tanner with my snuggie. He had it on backwards. I didn't realize how sleepy eyed Tanner was until I blogged this photo.
Of course I love this photo. My angels. Thank you Jesus. They are the best ever.
A good photo of the kids
Play time I told Syd it was a Sydney day so I would be sure and focus on her all day long. We played and played. The next day she asked is it a Sydney day. I said no Mommy Day. She still ask who's day it is. You should try this with your kids it is so much fun.

More Christmas at Granny/Mamaw Jean's and Papaw Davids

Don't you just love a real smile like this one. Priceless
This photo is gorgeous with Syd's head tilted
Syd and Chloe stayed right next to Granny Jean. They knew where the presents come from. She buys for them daily.
How sweet, Syd with her papaw David. They look perfect together.

I wrote in my title Granny and Mamaw for Mom. All the grand kids call mom Mamaw except Syd she is Granny to her. I also change her name from Granny to Mamaw all the time. Who would think it takes two names for a Grandmother.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas at Granny/Mamaw Jeans and Papaw Davids

My nephew Brayden one smart young man he knows when you take a photo to smile that is more than I can say for Syd.
Sister Sheila and husband Darriel
My hottie Jon Miller
Syd with her cousins Chloe and Balen
Syd's outfit is from Gymboree she wore several outfits during the holiday season that were black/red. Chloe's gingerbread dress was
made from Mamaw Jean

Christmas Play and Gifts at Church

Syd is wearing one of her Christmas dresses. Her mamaw Jean made this one she also made Syd's baby doll a matching dress. The gift shown is the one she received from church.
This is Syd with her friend Millie Napier. They have been going to church together since they were born.
Syd dress as a pink horse in the play. She thought she was a My Little Pony.
Here she is with the other animals.
This was also taken at the Christmas play when we first got ready she was an angel. I went up stairs and took my seat waiting for the play to begin. Next, came up one of the directors and said Syd wants to be a animal is that okay. I said of course. She has been an angel for so many years. I guess she
was ready to be a horse.

Christmas at Granny Lelia's and Papaw Arthur's

Tanner, Granny Lelia and Zack. The first time I took Tanner to Lelia and Arthur's he was nineteen months old. He is now 16. They are two wonderful grandparents to all my kids. They love Tanner the same and he feels the same way about them. I feel with all my heart we can love each other as kin. I know because I love my students so much. When I have been home on snow break thinking of them. I miss them when we don't have school.
Love this photo. I just kept snapping they began laughing
A group shot. What is Zack doing?
Syd and I playing with her new play dough kitchen set
Lelia knows how much I love baskets.
She bought me one for Christmas
Look at this photo. I love Syd's face. She looks so comfortable
in her Granny's arms.
Tan-Man is a hottie
Max my nephew. He lives in Lexington so I don't get to visit with him that often
My Syd a cutie
Granny reading the birth of Jesus

Photos From Around the House to Share

This is the living room. Syd's always has lots of purses, suitcases or bags in here
Syd made this with Granny Lelia/A great idea to do with your kids
Syd and I have been coloring and taping the pictures to the columns
Granny Jean bought this for Syd it is a snow globe
My husband Jon having fun on the computer
These are two of my favorite snow people
This tree is up year round in my dining room. I moved it to my
living room for Christmas
This is one of my vases that sit on each side of stove. For Christmas I put plastic balls in them I bought last year after Christmas sales.
A mess on my kitchen table as always
This year I hung all my Christmas cards in the hallway. Each day
Syd would ask me who is this one from.
At the end of our kitchen cabinets I put Syd's preschool crafty items up

Syd's Christmas Tree

Syd's Christmas Tree. I wish I had garland I wanted to add the
new mesh ribbon I just never bought it.
Peace sign I bought this at Michael's or Hobby Lobby they both have wooden shapes. I thought this would make a cute ornament. I hot glued
ribbon for the hanger
Syd made this in preschool
This is a money holder I bought after Christmas sales at Walmart. I put a photo of Syd in it from school. Look it even has the date on it
Bought the S from Michael's and then glued ribbon for a hanger
Love this ornament one of my cheerleaders bought it from Mrs. Craig's shop. How cute. I almost cried. I have had so much fun with my little cheerleaders