Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas at the Miller's 2009

Christmas morning. Syd is wearing a gown from Gymboree. Love this I believe we will have the same gown again next year. It was a little big.
Zack is ready. I had each of them take their photo in front of the tree before we opened presents. I knew how to get photos.Tanner with my snuggie. He had it on backwards. I didn't realize how sleepy eyed Tanner was until I blogged this photo.
Of course I love this photo. My angels. Thank you Jesus. They are the best ever.
A good photo of the kids
Play time I told Syd it was a Sydney day so I would be sure and focus on her all day long. We played and played. The next day she asked is it a Sydney day. I said no Mommy Day. She still ask who's day it is. You should try this with your kids it is so much fun.

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