Thursday, April 9, 2009

Having Fun While Mommy Works

Tried to get him in mid air
Zack decided to make a slide. Extremely dangerous what if that cushion moves he is going to hit his head. I guess he will learn. That is what life is all about.
Of course he said mom take a picture
We have this huge room above the garage. Jon designed it. My brother Tommy from Brewer Construction did an awesome job building it and adding it to the end of the house. It was hard because of the angles. The ceiling is high but the walls on one side are not. The story is this room stays a mess. It is my work space, Zack's wrestling ring, The game system stays in here. Also Syd plays up here. It has a hide a way bed that stays out sometime. It is a room for the kids and let me tell you they take full advantage. I must confess sometimes I will go up and start screaming. I have even cried because of such a mess. What's a mother to do when their children does not listen?? Please answer that for me.

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