Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Stuff

What pretty color?? outfit $35.00 comes with matching hair bow
Outfit $35.00 free matching hair bow

Edward Twilight $5.00
Hannah Montana $5.00

Matching Hannah Flops $15.00

Summer bow to match all summer colors $5.00

Mom and I are always coming up with new designs. It is so much fun for both of us. When I don't have work for mom she gets the opportunity to work on what she likes. She is doing a great job coming up with designs. You are going to love all the new stuff. If you need a birthday gift email me and I will have it wrapped and ready to deliver. I can deliver for you or you can pick it up at my house. Orders take one week to process, however if you need it sooner I will get it ready in one day or less according to your order.

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