Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Play at Church

This year our Christmas play at church was all about the kids. Our church always makes all parents feel welcome when their child acts a little BAD!!!! That is the way Sydney has been acting lately. Since she hit the 2 year old mark she is her own self. I tend to let her go it makes it easier on me. I can remember so many times thinking why don't parents make their child mind. I now realize after three children that it is easier to ignore and let her be as long as she can not get hurt. Sydney along with other little girls from her class Chloe, Beth, Milli, and Syd were all the little angels along with her best friend Mattie. Mattie was a great big angel taking care of Sydney. She is always a big sis to Syd. I tried to hide from Syd during the play so she would not come and find me. She was on stage so sad, bent down like she was going to cry. I was taking photos and she started saying mommy it broke, it broke. She was referring to her halo. She then came down off the stage and everyone began laughing Tab and Cindy fixed her halo and off she went. See the photo with Densmore she was still on stage after everyone left he let her have the microphone.

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