Sunday, December 9, 2007

What can I say? How do I begin? I am never lost for words. The Lord gave me the gift to gab sometimes a LITTLE to much. Ha! I enjoys talking to people. I feel that it is my gift sometimes. I try to help out others. I was taught this as a child watching my mother and father they are both kind. I have been reading blogs from others since summer so I decided I would love to share with others what I enjoy doing. I hope I can inspire someone else. I love getting ideas to do with my kids. This is my favorite thing to do on the internet right now. I have a very large list bookmarked in my favorites.

This morning I got up and got Zack and Syd ready for church. Mattie came down to go with us. She has been loving Sunday School and church. We went to Sunday school and made a craft project. I will post photos later of all the craft projects we have been making in Sunday school. After church we went out to eat at my husbands restaurant Cena's. I had pork tenderloin, fries and gravy. It was delicious as always. After lunch I came home and took my daily nap. I then worked outside trying to make my home look a little like Christmas. It was such a warm day for December.

I hope to post daily a little something special or idea. Okay I guess I will share a photo from Doodlebop live we went a couple of weeks ago. This past Friday we also went to Playhouse Disney Live. I will post those later.

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