Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Visit to Kaleigh

Last photo of the trip my two babies that are twins but 7 years apart fell
fast asleep on the couch side by side
Syd at the birthday
Present time, Brent this is the bestest face so cute
Okay now this is the BEST photo of the day I will as well as everyone else will remember this moment Sandy blowing out the candles
Look at the cameras
Playing in water with Syd's yard sale toy
Polly Pockets toy Syd found at yard sale
Look at those precious hands
Play, Play, Play
Granny Lelia and Kaleigh
A group photo before Kaleigh's birthday photo
Love this outfit $35.00
A dress from China, gift from Sandy and Brent
Daddy and Syd, Jon loved the dress on Syd
Syd's favorite smile
Last weekend Jon, Lelia, Zack, Syd and I went to visit Kaleigh in Tenn. It was a miracle that you Jesus. I loved getting to see her, hold her and watch her check everyone out. I have to say she is a great baby. She was always smiling and content in her surroundings. One of the special moments I notice most was when Sandy would pick her up to hold her Kaleigh's head would lay automatically on Sandy's shoulder like Kaleigh was going to melt. She loved being with her mommy. She also gave all of us lots of smiles. I enjoyed watching her eat. Syd also got to feed her. Zack was holding and talking to her. I could go on and on. I absolutely love to go and visit Sandy her house is so nice. Brent and Sandy makes us feel at home. Thanks, you two. I must also say Nashville has the kindest people there. I have met her neighbors and went to yard sales. Guess what in walking distance. How much fun was that??????? I even dressed Syd up of course my little model and gave out my space website to make some more sales. I can't wait to go back. Sandy if you can't come in for Easter I am coming to you. Let's decide soon because Easter will be here before you know it.

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