Sunday, March 1, 2009

Random Stuff Check it Out!!!

Mom and I have been working on new designs for Spring. Both of us can't wait we have had so much bad weather. Strange because we never prepare for a winter meaning buying snow boots or a sled. If we do we waste our money because we never do use them. This would of been a good year for that. My children went out in the snow several times. Mom has made several outfits check out my space I have several items posted. Click on photos to see what's for sale.
Mom and I celebrated out birthday on Feb. 24. Yes I was born on her birthday. Why do you think we are so much alike. Ha! Syd is also taking on a personality just like us. I love it.
These were so much fun to make. Something different from hair bows. These are $15.00. I love them. They are so cute. I attached the bows to the flip flop with a secret method. If you buy the flip flops you will see. So simple. The bows can be changed. I can make these for any school. I think they would be adorable with school shirts and shorts. I can also add photos on the bottle caps. I believe I will make Syd some one with Tanner and one with Zack. Can't wait. I need to get busy. Although I love the computer and stay on here to long. Can't work why looking at a computer screen.
My birthday was Feb 24, Jon came home from work. I was in Syd's room working on her clothes. He ordered me to the end of the house. He then went to the kitchen and got all the children to work on a card. How sweet was that? He even went and bought all the supplies. The poster board and the bows you see on the front of the card. Next, he had each kids write on the front Tanner wrote Happy, Zack wrote Birthday, and Syd wrote MOM. Jon wrote inside the card and then the kids signed there names. He even thought about writing with different colors. I was impressed. Maybe he will be a crafter someday.
Love my family, Thank you Jesus for my blessings.
This photo is about me getting ready to open up a shop in my house. I had to clean out my book shelves. These are Syd's books, which were Tanners and then Zack's and now Syd's. I never get rid of any thing that I think someday I can use. I am a pack rat. I had Tanner, Zack and Syd pack books. Syd took her books to the living room to store in the TV cabinet. She started stacking them. Now this is the good part she is so just like me. She was saying she was "organisizing" them. Instead of organizing. To funny.
Now Tanner and Zack is ready to get in on the fun.
Syd working so hard look at that face.
Dad's are just as good as mom's. Jon took that kids outside and build a snowman. I ran outside to take a photo. I am not an outside person never have. Although I have been getting outside with Syd but only when it is warm. Bad mommy!!! Jon said to me when I went outside can't we do anything with out a picture. Loved it. A girl has to have photos.
Look at my angel.
This is a new outfit. Love this. The skirt has a zebra ruffle attached with a matching shirt which is personalized with Syd's name. You can special order this outfit for $20.00 a free matching hair bow. Email me those orders.

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