Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tanner's Birthday Dinner

The Tan Man 16 years old.

Work Work Work

Sheila had to bring up her big skillet.
The first photo in the beginning.
Tanner turned 16 on March 18, 2009. He got in a little of trouble at school on March 17, 2009 so he was grounded on his birthday. I am still going to have a big party for him. We just have to plan it. Sheila called and said I am coming up to your house to cook a meal for Tanner's birthday. She cooked chicken on a stick, mac-n-cheese, rolls, baked potato's and cole slaw. I almost forgot Hot fudge cakes from brownies, ice cream and all the toppings. As all of you know that has been keeping up with my blog I am not the cook. My kitchen was the messiest it had ever been since the remodel. Sheila cooked so much food should I say for the whole neighborhood. I am proud of Sheila for being able to cook. This summer Sheila maybe you can teach me how to cook.

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