Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cross Country County Finals

Top Ten Boys
Zack crossing the finish line
Dylan, Noah and Zack and coach Gail
Zack and I before his race. Yes I look so different my hair is dark and shorter
Zack before the race

Zack did it. 1st place in the county. There were around 50 boys in K-4 grade in his division. I was so proud. It was so exciting. I can not express the joy we had from this victory. Memories come back from Jon's first cousin David. He died in a car accident. He was an awesome runner who also won a county championship. I believe 6th grade. David and his father Jon's uncle Dennis worked so hard together to prepare David for races. Dennis traveled with David several places in Kentucky to run. He went to Cordia high school and ran on their cross country team. I hope some day Zack gets to run in high school.

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