Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Holliday Farm

Nacho and Cheese
Feeding the goats
Painting Pumpkins
These pumpkins were huge and sold for $60.00.
This was a cute picture

Syd and Granny Lelia
Syd and Chloe after falling down. At least I got a true happy smile

They are laughing because they lost their balance and fell down.
This was our first photo and my favorite of the day
The Fall
Going down, Look at Chloe's face
This past Sunday I took a trip to Holliday Farm with Chloe, Syd and Granny Lelia. Everyone else in the family was busy. I am hoping we can all go back again with Balen. Our family has been attending farm days for many years. Our routine take pictures, pick out a pumpkin, paint the pumpkin, hay ride, and then a snack. This year was no different. The farm did have a new slide I didn't take the girls over to it. Maybe next time. One thing I do want to share while on the hay ride I look down at my shoe and what do I see POOP on my shoe. I was so mad and couldn't wait to get off the hay ride and find me a stick. So if any one has an extra pair of tennis shoes I would like them donated to me. I need them. They were my cheerleading shoes.

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