Friday, October 23, 2009

Girls Cheerleaders

Mamaw Jean and her little cheerleader Syd
Again Syd was a little mean or had a bad attitude when I was taking these photos.
Would not look at the camera in this photo.
Would not smile
Grabbed the megaphone and made a face.
Picture perfect shot the best one.

This isn't the whole squad. I had several out sick today. After I took the photos and went to the doctor I am also now have Type A flu. I want to share with everyone. All I have is a common cold. My eyes are watering but nothing any different. I have no fever or body aches. If you get sick please go and get checked. You never know. I would of never thought I had the flu. Hopefully I will not get any sicker. I have felt fine all evening. God Bless all my little cheerleaders. We will take another photo to get all 24 girls in the photo.

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