Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas at Granny Lelia's and Papaw Arthur's

Tanner, Granny Lelia and Zack. The first time I took Tanner to Lelia and Arthur's he was nineteen months old. He is now 16. They are two wonderful grandparents to all my kids. They love Tanner the same and he feels the same way about them. I feel with all my heart we can love each other as kin. I know because I love my students so much. When I have been home on snow break thinking of them. I miss them when we don't have school.
Love this photo. I just kept snapping they began laughing
A group shot. What is Zack doing?
Syd and I playing with her new play dough kitchen set
Lelia knows how much I love baskets.
She bought me one for Christmas
Look at this photo. I love Syd's face. She looks so comfortable
in her Granny's arms.
Tan-Man is a hottie
Max my nephew. He lives in Lexington so I don't get to visit with him that often
My Syd a cutie
Granny reading the birth of Jesus

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