Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas Play and Gifts at Church

Syd is wearing one of her Christmas dresses. Her mamaw Jean made this one she also made Syd's baby doll a matching dress. The gift shown is the one she received from church.
This is Syd with her friend Millie Napier. They have been going to church together since they were born.
Syd dress as a pink horse in the play. She thought she was a My Little Pony.
Here she is with the other animals.
This was also taken at the Christmas play when we first got ready she was an angel. I went up stairs and took my seat waiting for the play to begin. Next, came up one of the directors and said Syd wants to be a animal is that okay. I said of course. She has been an angel for so many years. I guess she
was ready to be a horse.

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