Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photos From Around the House to Share

This is the living room. Syd's always has lots of purses, suitcases or bags in here
Syd made this with Granny Lelia/A great idea to do with your kids
Syd and I have been coloring and taping the pictures to the columns
Granny Jean bought this for Syd it is a snow globe
My husband Jon having fun on the computer
These are two of my favorite snow people
This tree is up year round in my dining room. I moved it to my
living room for Christmas
This is one of my vases that sit on each side of stove. For Christmas I put plastic balls in them I bought last year after Christmas sales.
A mess on my kitchen table as always
This year I hung all my Christmas cards in the hallway. Each day
Syd would ask me who is this one from.
At the end of our kitchen cabinets I put Syd's preschool crafty items up

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