Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas 2007

I need to be making an entry about my New Year's and of course I am behind and writing about Christmas. I have wanted to write when Syd is not on top of me landing on the laptop. She has a problem with that. She want let me watch TV because she controls the TV so I get on the laptop then she decided to sit on my head of crawl on me and land on top. I am on guard at all times.Christmas I first want to share two of my favorite men. My my daddy David and my father in law Arthur. There is a story behind these two. They have been friends through the years. I didn't know that Arthur had such a handsome son. All I knew was Arthur was the telephone man and he hung out at dad's store sometimes. When I was a little girl and got my pink bedroom he came to my house and put in my phone line. Who would of ever thought I would marry Arthur Miller's son Jonathan. I love these two. They both take such good care of me. They are two of the bravest giving men I know. Both of them are truly caring. I know my kids all have an example of two good papaws.

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unclecordis said...

that was really nice what you wrote about the papaws