Friday, January 4, 2008

Day Two Remodel

There wasn't much photos to take. It really just looks the same. Today the kitchen cabinets were taken down. We savaged the top ones for the garage. The stove was taken to the garbage hauler. Hooray! I have survived that stove it is a drop in stove with push buttons on the front. I can not tell you how many times I have been in the vehicle ready to back out of the garage and come back in to see if it is turned off. It is so easy for the kids or anyone to bump into it or the kids play with the buttons. Hooray! its gone. The floor is all taken out and the sheet rock. I have been looking for where all my winter visitors have been coming in through. You know the ones that makes me a nervous wreck. I hate when I see a trace of them. Well I have been wanting to let Syd paint and not worry what she gets it on. So this was the perfect opportunity. Tanner, Zack and myself also had fun. Jon thought Teresa should we be doing this. I said who cares take me picture. This is most defiantly going to be a bible school activity, school or summer fun. I will get a big board and go at it. You should do this one with some kids and have fun. Always be a kid and you will never grow old. Until next time, Mommy Teresa

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