Friday, January 4, 2008

New Years Party!!

New Years we usually stay home. I don't know why but Jon just doesn't like to go anywhere on New Years. I guess he just wants to stay home with me. Yeh Right! I called Monek to see what she had planned. Then I called Tom & Pam, Ray & Tab, I also invited Sheila and Clinton's family they didn't want to come or couldn't. I dress Syd and me alike. I bought me a pair of black boots like hers. I rolled up our jeans, we wore black shirts, and snowflake necklaces. I didn't get a photo of both of us dressed alike. Oh well, you can't get them all. I did get one of Syd and some others to post. We went to services at church for New Year's but we left early and didn't get to stay for the count down. I watched the ball drop on TV and called Tanner and said Happy New Year! Oh Yea! I was reading on the Internet of a lady who has a challenge to not buy anything unless it is a need. I believe or excuse me I know that would be great for me. She has decided to always think before making compulsive purchases. Now I haven't shared this with Jon yet. I believe he will be my boss and take charge to make sure I keep this commitment. Also another challenge I have is to think of one word and live by it for the year. Why don't all of you do the same. Please email me your word. I am choosing the word Faith! I need to improve in this area so much. This word means so much and I want to live by it and grow closer to Jesus and live my life with him leading me in the direction he wants for me and not what I want. I am praying for him to use me to teach others about him and bring them to our church. I want to be a witness and show others how great he is and that there is no better way in your life. So many people don't realize that. They think I will not be the same. Well you are and your heart and life is so much better. I just want everyone to be happy like me. The one thing is JESUS! that can make this possible.

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