Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm a Good Mommy! Zack Wrestling Ring

I have been so busy working and making hairbows and bottlecap necklaces. I felt like I missed my kids. So one evening I told Tanner I was a good mommy because that evening. I made him pizza rolls in the oven, washed a special Perry Central T-shirt he wanted to wear, made this wrestling ring with Zack and played with Sydney in her room. I was a proud person for being a good mommy. Little things go a long way so remember those that are special. I am not a mommy that cooks and cleans, just a mommy that likes to have fun. This wrestling ring is made from a box that copy paper came in at school. Zack had been watching you tube and saw some stages made something like this one. We bought a kids WWE magazine it was a neat magazine. We cut the pictures out and glued on the box. Then I thought that looks like a ring on top so we got sticks and some ropes left over from an old ring that he had. The curtain is black fabric glued inside the cut out we have that on both sides. This is a crafty project for boys.
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