Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cross Country 2008

Zack smiling waiting for that trophy.
K-4 Top 10 runners
R.W. Combs Cross Country team 2008. See Syd beside Zack

Cross country this year seemed to not be as hot as usual. Zack did run every race. He is in the K-4 division. He is in the third grade so next year will be it. Last year in 2007 he finished in the finals 8th place. This year in finished 4th oh man that is awesome. I am a proud mommy but most of all he is a proud kid. His team finished first in the county. Last year K-4 also finished first. I coached last year but this year I decided I had to much going on. The craft sales has added to my list of duties. I am really enjoying it. Right now mom and I are getting ready for Christmas sales. I just received my biggest order yesterday at Walmart. So exciting Shanna Rae a friend of mine ordered 37 hairbows for her dance team at Leatherwood. If you know of any cheer squads send them my way a two color cheer bow with a rhinestone center is $5.00.

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