Sunday, October 12, 2008

Zack the Big Brother

Love this face.
Zack the big brother sharing. How Nice!
Zack was playing and didn't realize I was stapping photos.
He realized I was taking photos in this one and now decided to do a trick.

This was before church after the kids were ready Zack was playing with wrestlers. He is so loving them right now. We had put them away but now they are back out. Never get rid of toys I am sure someone will love them again in your family. We have saved all Power Rangers, Star Wars, and Wrestlers. I loved when I walked into the living room and saw how nice Zack was with his sister. She was loving it of course. She was playing away until I said let's take your picture. I love Raggedy Ann. I actually decorated her room when she was a baby with this theme. Brandie gave Syd this outfit. I believe it came from Cracker Barrel. They have cute clothes and gifts there. I love eating at Cracker Barrel so I can also shop and pick up some candy.

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