Saturday, October 18, 2008

Love this Photo!

My baby girl. Thanks you Jesus
Syd sure isn't like her mother I would of picked the biggest pumpkin. She got the smallest. How cute. I put this on our dining room table. I will take photos of my fall decorations and post later.
Notice Syd's hairbow it is a spider. I have several to sale $5.00 each they are super cute. They match all Halloween clothes.

A funny story about this photo but totally worth it. During the corn maze we stopped to take a few photos. The rest of the group went on ahead. Just before we entered a young man said his mom wasn't coming I said well I will be your mommy. We got lost in the corn maze and like to never got out. The group was finished had picked out their pumpkins and eating cookies and lemonade. I took the wrong turn twice. It has arrows like which way to go of course I went the wrong way. I did get nervous. We finally got out and I was screaming you left me, left me. After Syd and the other child picked out their pumpkins we went and joined the rest of the group. In the afternoon another group from our school went and before they went to the corn maze they were yelling my name. They found a skeleton and called it Teresa. Oh well, I did make every ones day with a good laugh.


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