Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Commodore Dinner

Tanner looks sharp. Can you tell he did not want his photo taken oh well.
Group photo in the front roll Tanner second from left.

This is an annual event for Perry County Central Basketball team. Last year Jon and I attended. This year Tanner is a freshman he is on the basketball team and they are servers at the dinner. The tickets cost $50.00 for two a salad, steak dinner, and dessert. The boys were responsible for a roll of tables. They brought the food to the people, their drinks. Tanner did a great job. I watched him he would go and ask if they needed anything else or more drinks. I worked the dessert table. After the dinner your ticket goes into a raffle all 300 numbers are put on a board to show you that your number is in. Next they pull all numbers off the board and put in a turning barrel. One by one until 256 are pulled and placed on the board. After that the last five numbers get to vote to split the money or one person gets $5,000.00 Everyone split the money and GUESS WHAT I was one of them. I WON $1,000.00 Jon had gave up and went home before he left he said if we win you can have all the money. Tanner went up on stage and claimed the money. Oh exciting was that? I am going Christmas shopping with that money. Merry Christmas.

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