Sunday, November 30, 2008


This was a view finder and of course Syd is taking photos with it.
Look how precious, Tanner, Max and Zack.

Look at Max with Papaw's hat. Zack and Syd have all done this photo. Life is good.

Look at these two beautiful girls. Sandy and Syd.

LOVE, LOVE, this photo A photo of everyone. We will do one more of these soon. Sandy and Brent will be getting a beautiful baby girl anytime. Thank you Jesus for my families. Families are so special and as we get older we realize so much. Age does make us wiser. We never realize that when we are young. Now I no why mom and dad were so smart.

All of these photos were taken at Jon's parents house. We got a family photo of everyone how amazing. I already had a 8 X 10 printed to frame. However, I did not take any photos at mom's or at my house family party. I hate that. I was so busy I forgot to take photos. Oh well, Maybe next time. Teresa

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