Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My new niece Kaleigh Callahan

Jon's sister Sandy and her husband Brent have been waiting to adopt their baby girl for 3 years. It takes a long time for the adoption process. They left out and went to China on Feb. 18 and yesterday they received their precious daughter. You can check out her blog to learn all about the journey of adoption. Check out my new baby. I have always said and mean it with all my heart. My nieces and nephews are mine. I want to be called mommy Teresa.

On another note. I have been busying working. I am so excited I spent three hours in Syd's room going through and organizing clothes. Syd says "organisizing" I love it. She says it all the time. I am also in the beginning stage of opening a small part of my house into a store. I have so many customers that say how can I see your stuff. Well now just come to my house for a visit. I can't wait. I will post photos when I am finished. If any one is interested in buying any of Syd's clothes I will price them and put in a storage bin you can come by and look at them or take them with you. It is the easiest way for a yard sale. The following is Sandy's link Callahan http://ourjourneytokaleigh.blogspot.com/

God bless and Thank you Jesus for Kaleigh,

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