Saturday, May 16, 2009


Zack Man loving cotton candy
Syd in a Sponge Bob dress. We sell these for $20.00 free hairbow.
You could choose other fabric. As always free matching hair bow.
Syd did not want any where neat a clown.
Sis Sheila, Balen and look at that look from Brayden
Pam and cutie Chloe. If you remember this outfit Syd has the same one. Pam, Brandie and I went to Lexington shopping with the girls. Her and Syd dressed just alike.
Close up of our newest addition. Brayden
This is my Syd who doesn't want her photo taken.

A couple of years ago our school went on a field trip to the Shriner's Circus. All of it was free and they also gave all students free food. It was a great circus, my favorite. I had taken Tanner and Zack to Ringling Brothers when they were small. I had traveled to Lexington and Pikeville. I have to say that Shriner's Circus has them beat.

This circus was my favorite one that I had seen. My favorite was a crazy man that was doing two acts one pretending to be jumping off a diving board into a swimming pool (trampoline). The other he was doing a act with a bike that came apart.
I also enjoyed the motorcycles. It was awesome circus. My business has grown so much. I am working mom to death and she want take a break. As for my self I have been breaking to much lately. Last weekend mom and I ran around on Saturday and Sunday I visited Lelia for Mother's Day. Today I went to watch Tanner play baseball. I give thanks to Jesus because of prayers that had been given up for financial troubles in my family. It seems that it is embarrassing for money problems. We all should not feel this burden because everyone goes through troubles.
Our economy is faced daily with money problems. Each time I hear of someone losing their jobs I want to cry. Please everyone pray for families in financial crisis. I don't how I got off on this subject it went from an enjoyable evening at the circus to being Susie Orman I believe that is her name. LOL!!! I will close this post with saying we feel like we will not make it and we always do. We owe to all to Jesus. Thank you, Jesus Love you, Teresa

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