Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sydney New Hair Do!!!

Look at Syd trying her best to smile
Love this idea buy piggy bows for $8.00 a set wear them in hair or on your shoes. These were Mary Jane's I slide them under the strap. I also love these bows with her name on them. I can make this set for you. I have lots of polka dot colors.
Email me your orders.

Look here she was mad at me.

This morning I gave Syd a bath so why her hair was wet I decided to pull it all back in a pony tail. I have been trying to learn how to fix her hair. I should know but I have a hard time. 1 because she want let me. 2 because I am clueless. I was so proud this day with her hair, however she was not. She got mad at me because I yelled when we were taking the photos. She is kinda of silly by not looking at the camera. She is just being mean.
She is my Princess Sydney

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