Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Big Girl Hair Bows

Zebra $5.00
Hot Pink/Lime Green Stitch $5.00
Orange/White Stitch $5.00
Red/White Stitch $5.00
Blue/White Stitch $5.00
Pink/White Stitch $5.00
Lime Green/Pink Stitch $5.00
I made two sets of these one for a student in the 5th grade and one for Syd. I sent Syd's to PCC to sell. I always do that. Believe it or not Syd and I don't get many things mom or I make. We are too busy filling orders. I keep getting orders which we love. Mom and I love this new job. It is a hobby job. I wish during the summer they were more places to set up to sell. I will be setting up in Somerset and Hazard at Summer in the Park both are in June.
Coming soon cutest applique bibs for girls and boys, and also boy outfits. Can't wait for all of this to be finished.

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