Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hey Look at Dora!

I went to my favorite junk store. I call it this because you are not looking for any thing. You just go to find something and I call it junk. Actually I love these type of stores they are my favorite. Most of my clothes come from Hospice, Goodwill, a yard sale, or on clearance. It is so much fun when you get a good deal. I was taught this at a young age I guess from mom. I can remember when I was in high school at Dilce Combs, my favorite teacher Joe Michael Brashear would take us shopping once a year at Fayette Mall. Mom and dad would give me money and I would come out with the most stuff. That was my first shopping experience in Lexington. I wanted Syd to be Dora for Halloween could not find it any where in Hazard or Lexington so I just let her wear the Wonder Women costume that I found at the same junk store for $2.00. Yesterday I hadn't been at the junk store in a while I decided to stop by it is actually in my neighborhood (how cool). Hanging on a garment rack was two Dora costume with all the parts including the hair. I said Lanny how much are these. I didn't let him no my excitement thinking I could get a better deal. He said I will let you have them for $2.00 each. Hurray I got one for Syd and one for Chloe. As soon as we got home we put it on her. I had to take photos. Later she had Mini-Mustang practice and wanted to wear it to practice. My store is ran by Lanny Cornett it is in Christopher before the straight stretch where Christopher Church of God is. There use to be a grocery store there. Go check them out. He told me to get him some business. I try but he want put a sign up so it is hard for me to explain. It is on the main road there.

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