Sunday, August 23, 2009

1st Day of School for Tanner, Zack and Me

Tanner is now a Sophomore, Zack is back in the 3rd grade and I am going to my 13th year of teaching. Time flies by when you are in a school. It seems a brand new school year is always exciting it is like Christmas on the first day, seeing all the children and co-workers that you have not seen in two/three months. What other job gives you that much off? I love it. I was so ready for school to start back I love school. Being at RW is the best. I thought I would list some of my extra jobs. 1. Girls Varsity Cheer Coach 2. Yearbook 3. PTA President and 4. Public Relations for our school. I love all of them well I would like to cross off number 3 on my list. That one gets busy some times and it is hard to do my other job duties.

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