Monday, August 31, 2009

I Have Gone Cheer CRAZY!!!!

I decided I would coach the mini mustangs and now we are the mini mustangs/girls cheerleaders. I have 25 girls between the age of 3 to 2nd grade. I am ready for the challenge. We are going to be good and cute and the main thing we are going to have fun. That is what cheerleading is all about. I believe building friendships that last a lifetime.
My best friend Tab Pratt Collins is also coaching cheerleaders at RW. She is the boys varsity coach. She is also ready for the challenge. Hopefully I will get to post some photos of the girls real soon. All of the following photos I have copied from the internet to get ideas. I have not coached or been part of cheerleaders in 15 years. I had decided that I would be a cub scout leader and a boys basketball mom. Now that I have Syd that has changed. Cheerleading here we come. Hurray!!!!!

This photo will be me and my 25 girls. Can't wait

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