Sunday, August 23, 2009

Syd's First Day of School

Syd's friend Hannah
Jeanette and Syd
Syd's teacher Mrs. Brenda and future teacher little Miller
This is before I took her to her class. She got this book off my shelf and
I thought perfect picture prop.
Close up of school necklace for Syd.
Side view of her curls.
Back of her hair her curls reminded me of a beauty pageant hair style.
I used curl formers from Sally's
Syd and I before we left the house
Full length shot. Mom made her teacher dress
Look at my school girl
This is most definitely Little Teresa
Photo with big brothers
Love this one. I will be framing this one.

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Momma Such said...

How cute!!! I love her curls too! Very pretty!!! :)